RVing around MI Great Lakes – 2011

I’m happy with the new WordPress design for Malia’s Miles and at some point I hope to get the old html pages switched over, but until then, links to the old format pages will open in separate windows. Feedback always welcome in Comments below every page since that’s the only way I know if this site is helpful to you, which is my ultimate goal! 

What is Malia’s Miles?

After I had been solo fulltime RVing for a few years, I wanted more information than I could find at the time about places I wanted to explore and potential campground home bases.  I wanted to see more than the glossy pictures from the campgrounds – I wanted details and differences in loops and sites, what are the best sites and why, and what is interesting to do close by.  Since I enjoy collecting and sharing this kind of information, I began Malia’s Miles in 2005.  I also like how Maliasmiles all written together could be seen as Malia Smiles.  I think that’s pretty cool!  :)

Arms Wide Open

Inspiration takes off – June 13, 2001


You’re a Fulltime Whaaat??!

See Inspiration’s Journey for the story of how I got the bright idea of fulltiming and what I did during the first few years.


My goal for this site:

I will provide my honest reviews of the campgrounds I visit, including pictures not shown on their own website. Beyond the dry stats, I will also give my impression of the feel of the place – how friendly are the people – the kind of things I would like to know before deciding on where I want to live, even if it’s only for a couple of days.

Besides camping choices, I’ll let you know about some of the local activities and businesses. And while I will partially support this site by bartering my efforts for campsites and selling ads to places I have visited and endorse, no one gets to approve what I say. I’ve had businesses want to change what I highlighted in my opinion, and that is one area in which I will never compromise. I want whoever reads this site to know that I mean what I say and that my reviews cannot be bought at any price. What I write about and what I say will always be my choice alone.

So as I begin this venture, I hope you will become my traveling partners. I will always welcome your feedback and want to hear of anything else you would like to see here. The site is most definitely a work in progress and will be expanding as I continue my journey.  Comments thrill me, so please chime in with your 2 cents on any page.

Site Layout:

Besides the General RV Pages with its sub-categories, it’s basically organized by state, listed in the column to the right. Within each state are the locations and attractions seen there with links to them in the left hand column of the page. If you’re looking for something in particular, use the Search Malia’s Miles box located on every page.

Be notified when this site is updated

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  • Janet Morehouse

    Hi Malia, I came across your website through Technomadia… just wanted to let you know how impressed and inspired I am by your adventurous nature!!! The thought of going on the road full-time is a dream goal of mine and I just Love to see a girl like you… going for it!!!

    • http://www.maliasmiles.com MaliasRV

      Hi Janet, thanks for taking the time to comment! It’s always nice to hear from a fellow woman with the adventurous nature gene. :) I fully support your dream goal, and like I always advise others: take a baby step every day toward what you want to do and you’ll be surprised at what things will come your way! Go for it, girl!

  • Janet Morehouse

    So I’ve been wondering a few things… How “scarey” was it for you to make the decision to live the RV lifestyle and do you generally feel safe as a woman traveling alone?

    • http://www.maliasmiles.com MaliasRV

      Well, it wasn’t scary for me to make the decision at all. Since I’d always wanted to travel, when I first heard about the fulltime RV lifestyle, I just had what I call a “natural knowing” that this would be the way to make my dreams come true. I had lots of insecurities, though – mostly around money and how I could support myself. But it has all worked out, even though sometimes I don’t know how – things just come together, sometimes at that scary last minute. As for feeling safe, in 13 years I’ve really never once felt threatened, even in state and national parks. But one reason I decided on a motorhome was that I could always just pull off if I didn’t feel safe – without having to go outside and hook up trailer, etc. But that’s never happened, either. :)

      • Connie Kalriess Koprowicz

        I love what you do! I just might do the same along the way. I’ve camped alone – in a state park. I thought I’d be scared but I wasn’t. I loved it!

        • http://www.maliasmiles.com MaliasRV

          Hey, Connie – well, as you can probably tell, I do love my lifestyle and would support your decision to do likewise. :) It’s not nearly as scary as people might think and state parks are perfectly safe in my experience. Maybe we’ll meet up again and swap travel tales sometime!

  • cindy

    LOL alone, I am allowing fear to dictate even hubby and myself do this. We live in Canada and have to stay in our home province 6 months of the year for medical coverage, but 2 of those months would be very cold, so we can build a small house on our land and be there, or figure a way to winterize the trailer and where to go. Not allowed to have on our land as only home, and no parks open here in winter….. He wants to FT I am willing to do 2 months for now. Well not yet, cos we have dad living with us…. I am in awe of your lifestyle. I think omg tornadoes, fire, accidents and we wouldn’t be in our home country, what a mess that could be. BUT I do love to travel and love my rv ( 34 ft 5th wheel which is now seasonal as we cant go far with dad at age 88). OH so glad I found your page. Every time I start looking at rv re models and trips I think YES, but then if we had the funds to have a small house and go 4-6 months of the year maybe….

    • http://www.maliasmiles.com MaliasRV

      Cindy, of course it’s natural to think of things that scare you about life in or even just traveling extensively in an RV, especially in a different country. But I can testify that most of the scary things we worry about never happen and the joys and benefits of travel are most definitely worth it! I do hope that when you do have the chance to follow your dreams – whatever they are – that you don’t let fear veto you plans. :)

  • Dawn

    Hi so cool to see another woman RVer living the dream.
    Great site. I have been full timing bout a year and really wanna do a site. Any recommendations and suggestions? Do you make money from it? Is it worth the investment of time and money.

    • http://www.maliasmiles.com Malias RV

      Hi Dawn,

      Thanks for the compliment – I like this WordPress platform I’m using now instead of the html one I started with. I haven’t tried to make any money from it, although I do have Google ads. They don’t generate much income, but at least covers the cost of the annual domain name registration and hosting fees. It does take a lot of time, but I enjoy doing it and being able to share what I’ve learned with others. I also always laugh and say it’s a great way for me to remember where I’ve been after all these years on the road. :)

  • Kris Torok

    Awesome site. So glad I found it. Just what I was looking for. I have a question about caravan groups. How do I find them?

    • http://www.maliasmiles.com MaliasRV

      Hey Kris, I’m so glad you’ve found the site helpful – thanks for letting me know! As for caravans, that’s just something I’ve never been interested in, so I just don’t have any info on them or recommendations. My best suggestion would be to check out some RV forums (I have some listed on Resources for Women RVers – http://maliasmiles.com/resources-women/ and RV Forums – http://maliasmiles.com/fulltime-rving-resources/rv-forums/) and post a question. If you find one you like, let me know and I’ll include the info on this site. :)

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