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Our first stop in Historic Old Town Eureka was the Clarke Historical Museum. After browsing through their displays, walking around and checking out some of the neat shops and gawking at the old-timey architecture, we were glad to find an old fashioned soda fountain for a much needed ice cream break.
One of the finest examples of what some call " Victorian on steroids" is the Carson Mansion. It's now a private club so visitors are no longer allowed inside the mansion.
Right across the street is this architect's office - I loved all the "foo-foo" Victorian detail and adornments.
The first question my neighbors asked when I arrived in Ferndale was if I had eaten at the historical Samoa Cookhouse (circa 1893), located across the Samoa Bridge from Eureka. It's famous as the last surviving lumber-camp-style cookhouse in the West.
Delicious homemade food and fresh baked bread is served family style in generous portions. The prices are reasonable and there's even a little museum with historical mementos from the early years of the lumber and logging industries.
I wasn't particularly impressed with the ambiance at Redwood Acres, the Eureka Fairgrounds RV Park. The sites face a road with the added "perk" of a fire station right across the street. Even though they have full hookups here for $18 nightly, I preferred the more organic Humboldt County Fairgrounds in nearby Ferndale.
When we were there in October 2005, overnight parking was allowed in the "Big K" parking lot. It's located in town on 4325 Broadway (U.S. Hwy. 101) and this guy was set up with slides out and satellite TV up.
April 2009 update from Jenn of FreeCampsites: "I was in Eureka recently and noticed that there are "No Overnight Parking" signs in the Kmart parking lot. As a matter of fact, Eureka is about to pass a new law preventing many "over-sized vehicles" from parking most anywhere: Click for article. Just wanted to let you know so you can update your website and prevent folks from getting a ticket. We actually saw 2 RVs getting rousted by the local police at 9pm and a semi that changed their mind about staying there."

Thanks, Jenn, for the update - I appreciate it!

For more pics and info, check out Inspiration's Journey's Eureka page.
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