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A couple of other RVers told me to check out the Crescent City KOA when they heard I was on my way to the redwoods. They said it was a very special location in itself, as well as being convenient to Jedediah Smith State Park, one of our first destinations. I was not disappointed - this is no cookie cutter KOA!

This was my home in the Redwoods - Site B1

I really enjoyed looking directly into the forest down a shaded path aptly called Mystery Woods Circle.

Imagine having your very own private redwood forest as your backyard.
Some of these sites directly in the forest have water and electric facilities, but are not recommended for RVs over 25'.
This is the view looking out from the forest into the RV Park.
And let's not forget the cozy Kabins scattered throughout the grove. This cute couple, Dan & Nicole, really enjoyed their stay, saying "What could be better than waking up in the middle of the redwoods?" I couldn't think of a thing!
Malia's 2 cents: The campground itself was great and the perfect homebase for exploring the redwoods, but meeting the owners, Kevin and Joan Fallon, lent another special dimension to my time here. Their enthusiasm for what they're creating here was contageous. They took over the park in June, 2005 and the projects they have in mind in upgrades will keep the unique homey feel of the park while providing all the modern conveniences we associate with KOA, including complimentary wi-fi Internet connection. Whenever you visit them, be sure to tell them Malia said hi!
I always love this kind of story. This couple had a dream and they found a way to make it come true. Whenever they took vacations from their former home in L.A., they would rent RVs because they didn't like the confinement of hotels. They were envious of people who managed to live and work in beautiful vacation settings and wondered how it could be possible for them. It was quite the story of synchronicity and serendipity that led them to Jedediah Smith State Park at a time when this campground was up for sale. I was particuarly impressed with Joan's attitude toward her hostess duties: "It's like having a party 24 hours a day with guests in my home -- and it's my job to make sure they have a fantastic time while they're here!" I could tell she takes the care of her guests very seriously when she said "This is their vacation - lots of planning went into it and it's really important that not one day be ruined or wasted." Leave it up to Joan and you'll be well cared for during your stay here - I can testify to that!

Location: 4241 Hwy. 101 North
Approximately 5 miles north of Crescent City, CA 95531
GPS Coordinates: 41.82° N; 124.14° W
707-464-5744 or 800-562-5754

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