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Three Rivers Hideaway RV Park
Three Rivers, CA
November, 2005
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I chose Three Rivers Hideaway as my homebase for exploring Sequoia National Park primarily because it was the closest full service RV park to those magnificent trees. After a long day of hiking and sightseeing, being close to home becomes even more important. Those last few miles, especially of narrow, winding roads, can make all the difference in getting home before dark. I was a bit concerned when I noticed the name contained the word "motel" in it because not all of my experiences with this combo have been pleasant. Sometimes the RV park part is just a parking lot in back of the motel part with no ambiance whatsoever.
I was glad to see that this was not the case here. The park is well maintained with great mountain views.
One day, we nervously watched a tree trimmer balancing precariously on what looked like small limbs in order to trim these mock mulberry trees. My mom was all upset that they were "killing" them, but I told her it was a sign of a good park to keep low hanging tree limbs trimmed. It being winter, the time was right to do it, but the owner came over and apologized for the noise the machinery was making. He assured my mom that these trees were so fast growing, they'd be all bushy again by the summer, but the trimmed limbs would not be a hazard to the RVers.
I was glad to have the best of both worlds - nice trees and views, but still a clear view of the southern sky so that I could get online with my satellite with no problems. And, as you can see, the sites here can handle the big rigs with room to spare. I had fun visiting with my friendly neighbors in this unique 46' Kingsley Coach comparing notes on the great things to do in Sequoia and other RV destinations.
Another nice perk was the river in the back yard. It's way down in wintertime, but I was told that in summer this spot in the river becomes a good fishing and swimming hole.
I enjoyed it on this beautiful day, watching the colorful leaves fall from the trees and drift lazily across the water, making ripples on its calm surface.
Malia's 2 cents: I enjoyed my stay in this park, especially after meeting the laid back and friendly resident owners. Dave and Carol took over ownership of the park in September, 2003 and their first priority was getting the park cleaned up and shook out after it had been sadly neglected for too long. They're working on many upgrades in stages -- underground utilities, 50 amp service and free wi-fi are all in the works and due for completion by the spring of 2006.

Location: 43365 Sierra Dr. (Hwy. 198) Three Rivers, CA 93271
GPS Coordinates: 36.46° N; 118.88° W
Directions: From Hwy. 99, head east on Hwy. 198 for approx. 37 miles - park is on the left, across from We Three Bakery.
(559) 561-4413

Check out the cute little motel rooms for those without RVs
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