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Sequoia National Park Area RV Parks
Three Rivers, CA

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After checking out all the other area RV parks, I was happy with my choice of Three Rivers Hideaway as my homebase for exploring Sequoia National Park. Following is a little info on the others within a reasonable distance, in the order of closest to the Foothills entrance on Hwy. 198. Just remember, though, when considering distances, that the roads you travel from these campgrounds to the park are small, twisty and winding roads where in most cases you can't go over 35 mph.

Kaweah Park Resort

40457 Sierra Drive (Hwy. 198)
Three Rivers, CA 93271

Winter 2005 rates: $26 - $31 (FHU)
Summer 2005 rates: $33 - $38

8 miles from park entrance. This looks like a pretty nice park. The only negative comments I heard from people who have stayed there is they have an abundance of rules and they don't allow dogs over 20 lbs.
Trailer Isle Park 11/2007

Sequoia RV Ranch

43490 North Fork Drive
(2.5 miles off Hwy. 198)
Three Rivers, CA 93271
(559) 561-4333

When I was in the area in November, 2005, this was Trailer Isle Park. At that time, it was in pretty sad shape and I remember thinking it was a shame because it could have been a really nice campground and was only 9 miles from the Sequoia National Park entrance. In 2007, I was contacted by the new owners - they said they spent 5 months relocating all the permanent trailers, moved them out of the park and have updated all the sites. If you've been there and have comments, I'd love to hear from you!

Update May, 2008: It was great to hear from a fellow RVer who shared the review he posted following his visit. Read it here on It's nice to know there are more good choices for a homebase from which to explore this fantastic area! There's also a review from another RVer on

Horse Creek Campground
(Lake Kaweah)
COE Park
20 miles E of Visalia on Hwy. 198

Rates 2005: $16
No hookups / water and dump onsite

Reservations: Reserve America

12 miles from park entrance. A ranger told me that the park is sometimes flooded by the corp and it was closed for two months in the summer of 2005 because of this. Another warning I heard by another RVer was that rattlesnakes were frequently found here. I spoke to the camphost who hadn't seen any in the two weeks he'd been there in Nov., 2005, but he said there were several "snake catchers" around the grounds, so he didn't dispute that fact. As you can see from the site above, a lot of them are far from level.

Lemon Cove Sequoia Campground

32075 Sierra Drive (Hwy 198)
Lemon Cove, CA 93244
(18 miles from entrance)
(559) 597-2346

Winter 2005 rates: $25 (full hookups); $23 (W/E)

18 miles from park entrance. Considering the other options, this campground has nothing to justify the extra distance, in my opinion.
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