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Morro Bay State Park
Morro Bay, CA

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Morro Bay State Park - I was glad for the chance to stop at this beautiful park to visit with camphost Tony (Firedude) and Doyle for a while toward the end of the summer of 2006. I'd been reading Tony's site with his camp hosting stories for years now, and just had to see for myself if it was as crazy and beautiful as he says! It was!

My campsite #11

See site map for layout of sites
The view across from my campsite
Down at the marina - there's a cafe here, also
Golf with a bay view right by the campground
Of course the star of Morro Bay is Morro Rock, seen here from the nature center near the park. Sign says "Morro Bay is a Natural Estuary - Where Freshwater Meets the Sea." You can drive out there and explore it and enjoy beautiful views of the town, sea otters frolicking in the water, and all sorts of birds soaring around the rock. There's plenty of parking for RVs, but no overnight stays there are allowed. I always enjoyed seeing him around town - sometimes half hidden by fog and clouds - other times clear enough to make out the details of every boulder. Its most famous residents are the endangered peregrine falcon who hang out here.

I fully enjoyed my two weeks here. Sitting outside at night on clear nights counting the stars with the only light being campfires and the soft sounds of distant conversations were some of my fondest "made for RV" moments. Days were warm enough, but at night extra layers of warmer clothing were needed - especially on those foggy nights when the fog was thick enough to fall in drops and the sound of distant foghorns added an extra bit of chill.

Doyle took me on his Harley for a ride to nearby Solvang, a replica of a little Danish village, complete with windmill and wooden shoe stores. Riding by sweet smelling strawberry fields as they were being picked and pleasing-to-the-eye symmetrical vineyards made for a very nice day trip.

Two restaurants I really enjoyed while at Morro Bay:

1099 Santa Ynez Avenue
Los Osos (nearby)
(805) 772-1868

Great burgers, fries and onion rings with special sauces

Golden China Restaurant
500 Embarcadero
Morro Bay
(805) 772-1868

Really good and fresh chinese buffet spread

Like Tony always tells folks - this is a very popular state park that is almost always fully booked in the summer, so don't expect to get in without reservations, especially on weekends. Reserve in advance from Reserve America site or call them at 800-444-7275. You can call the park directly for info at (805) 772-7434.
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