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Jerry's Rogue Jets
Gold Beach, Oregon

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Jerry's Rogue Jets is the first jet boat tour to begin operating in America. Their experience and the same-family operation since 1958 bodes well when choosing your tour of the glorious Rogue River!
The morning of our September 30 trip started out with a dreamy Oregon Coast fog still hanging low over the mountains along the shoreline.
Just a few miles up river, however, the clouds started parting and revealing streaks of blue sky which added to the beauty of the chilly morning.
Passing under the Lobster Creek Bridge.
We passed lots of anglers on the shoreline as well as many boating fishermen.
This guy did better than one empty handed one we passed, who reported, "Well, if I'd catch one more, I'd have one!"
Around every bend there were abundant photogenic opportunities.
There's nothing like being on the water to whet your appetite. Jerry's gives you three choices of dining. We chose Singing Springs Resort and really enjoyed the buffet eaten outside on the riverfront deck.
Here's our great and entertaining Captain Tim getting ready to pick us up for the return trip.
It was a lot warmer and sunnier on the way home and the reflections of the interesting rock formations on the water were even more striking.
Malia's 2 cents: Not only is this company concerned with you having a blast of a time, but they provide all the stuff you need to stay comfortable as well. Warm blankets and water resistant jackets are passed out for your use during the trip. I was impressed with the whole operation and recommend you make this a must-do excursion when you're on the beautiful Oregon Coast.

Location: 29985 Harbor Way (off U.S. 101 south of the Patterson Bridge)
Gold Beach, OR
GPS Coordinates: 42.42° N; 124.42° W
Telephone: 541-247-4571
Plenty of parking available for RVs


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