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Below is an ad I created after having repair work done at this shop. While ads are a source of revenue for this site, I would not put anything here that I did not endorse or agree with. Please visit and tell them Malia said hi!
6477 Crater Lake Highway
Central Point, OR
Our family has been in this business for the past 16 years. We are an authorized service center for Workhorse, as well as Monoco engine & chassis work. Continuity is an important factor in customer satisfaction, and two of our mechanics have been with us for 16 and 10 years, respectively. Your satisfaction is our highest priority. We will take the time to explain whatever work is necessary, and are always available to answer any follow-up questions you may have once you're on the road again.
Our goal is always to get you back on the road as soon as safely possible, but if you need to stay overnight, we have plenty of boondocking space for you right next to our building. No charge for the mountain views.
Directions: Although address is on Crater Lake Hwy., you actually have to turn down a side street to get to the shop. The turn is about 3 miles past Costco as you're headed toward Crater Lake. Turn left on the street by this sign for West Coast Appliance. We're at the end of that industrial row.
Malia's 2 cents: I've learned the hard way that a personal referral is important when choosing a repair shop. Lifelong residents and RVer friends told me about Dave's shop, swearing they were not only good mechanics, but simply good people as well. And from the time I called and spoke to Katy, the caring attitude came through loud and clear. She really knew her stuff, as well as taking the time and patience to explain it to me. As I waited for my house to be repaired, I read the bulletin board which was completely stuffed with "thank you" cards & notes from satisfied customers, with notes such as "We have never had such courteous, helpful and caring assistance from a service provider." I was really sold when Katy invited me to call them at any time with any questions, no matter if it was related to anything they did or not. That's a comfort and I appreciate that. Big thumbs up here!
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