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Crater Lake is the main reason I decided to stay in this part of Oregon through the winter and summer of 2005. From the many tempting pictures I'd seen for years, I just had to see for myself if something on this earth could possibly be that clearly blue and beautiful.
February 5, 2005 - This was the first day I made it all the way to Crater Lake. I had headed that way before, but always turned back at Union Creek. That was about where the roads would be way too snowy for me to feel comfortable driving on them.
Even though the roads were mostly clear on this day, the snow was piled up on the side as high as the top of my car. Doesn't the poor little Saturn look a bit intimidated by it all?
The Welcome sign was almost buried, but look how clear and blue the sky was that day, providing a great show of contrast of white against blue, cool against warm.
The front entrance to the Visitor's Center was completely blocked, but they were open on this day. You could get inside via a snow tunnel to the side. I had to laugh when the ranger told me how little snow they got this year compared to most!
This was my reward for a 4 hour day getting here (I really dawdled a lot - everything was just so pretty all the way there). But here is where I had my little picnic lunch and gave thanks for being able to experience this kind of day. I love RVing! No matter how many enticing pictures I've seen of this lake, none of them could match the experience of being there in person. The complete quiet and calm of the water, the cool crispness of the snow with the sun there to warm me, trying to grasp that I was at the rim of a massive sunken volcanic crater and the power it took to produce it...
...this is the scene I was looking out at. Need I tell you this was another one of those times when I sat and cried at the beauty I have been blessed to see?
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