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Howling Acres
555 Davidson Road
Williams, OR 97544
(541) 846-8962
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"I choose to walk with the Wolf Spirit."

"Our ancestors learned well from wolves and so can we if we will but open our eyes and hearts to a much older and deeper wisdom."

Besides preserving these animals' lives, the founders, Sherrie and Charlie LaBat, are committed to sharing their special spirit and what lessons they can hold for us. Despite an unfounded reputation, their basic nature is shy and wary of humans, but have suffered greatly from loss of habitat, injuries and capture.

Beasley is a large gentle wolf who was confiscated by the border patrol. The rescuers were shocked to discover that Beasley had no eyes - they had been gouged out in a sick ritualistic attempt to capture the wolf's spirit. Despite his treatment by humans, he is always docile and seemingly grateful when the caretakers here must rinse out his eye sockets.

Sad July, 2007 update: Beasley passed on to the great wolf sanctuary in the sky. At least no one will ever torment this beautiful creature again.

This small Artic Wolf had the cutest face of them all in my opinion, but there's no question he came about his name honestly. I can't believe I caught him in this shot with his mouth closed!

Shoshone is the only black wolf in the sanctuary. She once had a dispute with Lakota, the white wolf below, and ripped off half of her face before the staff could intervene.

As you can see, the reconstruction surgery was successful, but Lakota is glad Shoshone is now forever off-limits to her.

I felt lucky to have Jacinda as my tour guide. She is Native American Apache and her love and affinity for these animals is evident and added to my appreciation of the facility.

She seems to have a special bond with Cerious and calls him her "baby." This 2 year old sweet boy will always be underweight due to being severely malnourished early in his life. He is being trained as an "ambassador," one who can interact with humans.

Malia's 2 cents: If you're an animal lover and want to get up close and personal with these amazing canines, put this stop on your itinerary now! They even offer "Wolf Camps" for both adults and kids where you can camp out in their beautiful setting, learning and observing even more. They're also looking for larger facilities to expand the wolves' habitat and possibly even have RV hookups. Anybody having info on a nicely wooded 50 acre prospect, give them a call!

Directions: From Grants Pass - I-5 exit 55. Follow Grants Pass Parkway (US-199) to 238 (Willams Highway). In about 11.5 miles you will continue straight to Water Gap Road. In 5 miles you will turn right into Williams. Stay on this road until you see Davidson Road. The address is 555 Davidson Road and they also have easy-to-follow signage.
Malia's Miles Home Page

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