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Merlin - Galice Road Grants Pass, Oregon
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This was one of my favorite drives while I was living in Grants Pass. It's only about 3 miles north off I-5 at Exit 61. Indian Mary campground is about 10 miles down the road and Almeda Park campground is about 20 miles from where you exit.
I verified with a ranger at a visitor center that it is OK to boondock alongside the road of this BLM land, but was also told it is not advisable. Especially with RVs left unattended, there have been several instances of vandalism and break-ins. I wouldn't chance it.
The drive is absolutely gorgeous through the Hellgate Canyon Scenic Byway.
Winding along with the Rogue River is a great way to spend the day.
About 17 miles from I-5 exit is Galice Resort - a nice place to stop for lunch on the river.
I wouldn't go any further than Almeda Park in an RV. Either overnight here or turn around because the road becomes one lane and quite narrow in places from The Grave Creek Bridge on.
In a car, though, it's a great trip. Continuing on will take you to Wolfe Creek and back around to I-5.
For more pictures of this great drive, see this Inspiration's Journey page about it.
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