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Turtle Rock RV Resort
Gold Beach, Oregon

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Turtle Rock RV Resort was adopted by Julian and Kachina Starr in 1988 after they found it abandoned and in sad shape. They lovingly began reconstructing it, having to move slowly through the maze of beaureacratic red tape to comply with the strict environmental issues and building codes required along the Oregon Coast. I'm very impressed with what they have created here and was glad to make it my home while in Gold Beach in September, 2005.

Here's the site I chose (C45) located between two cottages on the water side.
I was so impressed that it was so level, I only had to extend the jacks for stability purposes.
Here's site #88, a pull-through looking onto the creekside cottages. The beach is to the left with a short easy-access path.
Here's the park's mascot - or at least its namesake. Use your imagination and you should have no trouble finding the Turtle in the Rock formation. You can visit him every day as he lives just across the road from the park.
Two of the back-in sites nestled against the forested hillside.
Wanna shower with your honey? Six immaculate private bathrooms, some with dual opposing shower heads will allow you to do just that!
I always love a campfire on a chilly night. Lots of private parks don't allow open fires nowadays due to fire regulations, so I'm especially impressed they jumped through the necessary bureaucratic hoops to allow them in certain sites here. These are my friendly neighbors from Sacramento, George & Sherie Lemire and Myron & Helen Nadolski, who kindly allowed me to use them as my campfire models.
Malia's 2 cents: Sites by the sea, unrestricted access to the ocean, and convenience to everything in Gold Beach made for a very enjoyable stay for me. With the added bonus of Julian and Kachina's friendliness and hospitality, I don't hesitate to recommend this as your home-base while exploring this beautiful section of the Oregon Coast. One of the things I really loved was their complimentary high-speed Wi-fi Internet access, available at every site in the park. I'm getting better at setting up my own satellite dish, but I like it more when I don't have to lug it out at all!

Address: 28788 Hunter Creek Loop - Gold Beach, OR 97444
35 miles north of the Oregon/California border
Off U.S. 101 between mileposts 330 and 331
GPS coordinates: 42.39° N; 124.41° W
Phone: 800-353-9754 or 541-247-9203

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