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This section is about trying out various products designed with RVers in mind, or stuff that would be helpful in living the lifestyle. For it to be included here, I must have tried it out myself and believe it to be a good product. If you saw it here, please tell them so!
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Malia's 2 cents: I first saw RV Quick Shades at the Redmond Rally and was thrilled to find a sunshade that didn't require me to climb a ladder in order to install them on the outside. I'm not exactly a fan of ladder climbing or of drilling holes in my motorhome.

I was happy to get them as it was a very hot day and the sun was beaming straight into my windshield. After putting them up with the easy suction cups, I wondered if they could really keep out the heat as well as the exterior ones that fit more snugly against the coach. Especially since I was having air conditioner issues, it was important to find a way to cut the intrusion of heat. I love how I can see out but you can't see inside the coach in the daytime. My dash is now cool to the touch and the filtered light is easier on the eyes. I am now a believer and don't hesitate to recommend RV Quick Shades.

Should you check them out and decide to buy, choose "Malias Miles" from the dropdown box under "How did you find our site?" in the shopping cart section and they'll know you saw it here - I'd appreciate that!

The window on the left has the shade on and you can see the difference in glare coming from the right side without one.
Harder to see from the outside with the way the light was shining that day, but you can see the reflection of the trees on the right side instead of being able to see into the RV. On the left, you can see the dash and back of the chair without the shades. Note: they don't provide privacy at night.
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