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This section is about trying out various products designed with RVers in mind, or stuff that would be helpful in living the lifestyle.

I first saw this in RV Daily Tips "Do Away With Boring Awnings!" and immediately thought "What a great idea!" I'd never seen anything like it and since I've had to replace my awning before, I was really interested.

I even called and talked to the founder, Carl, and discovered he started this when he started RVing a couple of years ago and wanted an LSU Tiger on his awning and couldn't find a company that could do that. Necessity is the mother of invention, so he got the licenses for a bunch of colleges to use their logos for this purpose. See Collegiate page for those options and About Us for more of Carl's story. Besides having a love of RVing in common, he's a Cajun, too!
Patriotic Selections - this and Scenic, Camouflage pages are interactive so you can choose and see your selection on the awning. There are even options for horse trailers and toy haulers.
I think my choice would be the Scenic route and I'm particularly partial to these mountains and lake. Although I'm in the market for a new motorhome at this point and won't be needing this anytime soon, I've bookmarked this for when that awning needs replacement.
Of course, I also really like this sunrise shot, especially since I'm definitely not a morning person, so this is about my only chance to see such a pretty one. Hopefully I'll be able to make up my mind by the time I'm ready to order!
They provide answers to FAQs, including which type of awnings it fits, how to measure, material type, and how to get your own custom company/logos. Based on the last time I had to replace my awning, it looks like their prices are just a little higher than boring awnings, but with free shipping and so many options, I think it's worth it! If you end up ordering, please tell Carl you heard about it from Malia - not because of any commission, but just to let him know I support his dream!

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