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This section will feature books that I have read and believe are helpful to RVers. A lot of fulltimers supplement their gas money budget by sharing what they've learned on the road with other fellow wanderers. I think it's a good thing that we all support each other, so if you saw it here, please tell them so!
The Woman's Guide to Solo RVing
I get a lot of email from women saying they really want to travel, but are afraid to take off solo. They admire my "courage" but are convinced they couldn't do it themselves on their own. No matter how much I say "If I can do it, so can you," so many need more than just encouraging words. Here's a guide Jaimie Hall and Alice Zyetz put together that asks and answers questions you have and some you haven't even thought of. I was honored to be asked to share some of my own experiences for this book and enjoyed reading the experiences of others. You have your choice of format - either a CD or as an Ebook available for immediate download. For more info on this and other selections, Click here to visit Pine Country Publishing.

Support Your RV Lifestyle - An Insider's Guide to Working on the Road

The number one concern I hear from anyone with the dream of RVing is how they can afford to support their travel habit. Jaimie has done an impressive job of gathering resources and inventive ideas for working and traveling, all updated in 2011! Featuring profiles of actual working RVers, reading their stories will inspire you and provide more than 350 ways to work and volunteer on the road. Opportunities exist for volunteer work in exchange for RV sites. But what should you take into account to see if this is the best route for you to take? What do you need to know about working for RV parks? What are the legal and tax implications? Find out all this and more. As the book quotes, "We ought to be able to learn some things second-hand. There is not enough time to make all the mistakes ourselves." Limit your chances of making mistakes by learning from these first-hand experiences! For more info on this and other selections, Click here to visit Pine Country Publishing.

RV Traveling Tales - Women's Journeys on the Open Road
Fifty-two women answer the question: What is it like to be a female nomad on the open road, leaving family, community, and possessions to head into the unknown in an RV? This anthology features the writings of women of varied backgrounds, many living full-time in their RVs, ranging in age from 13-85. They take a humorous look at situations unique to the RVing lifestyle: living in a small box on wheels, maneuvering a 38-foot RV, or surviving bears and other calamities. On the road and away from the support of family and friends, they also cope with life's issues—breast cancer, divorce, loss of a child. For more info on this and other selections, Click here to visit Pine Country Publishing.

Also Available:

Guides to:

Southern Texas
Southern Utah
New Mexico

Frugal RV Travel
Click here to visit Frugal Shunpikers Guides to RV Boondocking. I had never heard the term "shunpiking" but it's "the practice of avoiding super highways, especially for the pleasure of driving on back roads." Marianne's travels are geared toward taking in the scenery, learning about the area, making discoveries and finding unique opportunities for walking, hiking and cycling in nature. So if these sound like any of your own reasons for RVing, these guides are for you.

"Most attractions and overnight accommodations that charge fees can be found easily in any visitor's guide. The free or inexpensive options are...found only by chance or by obstinate perseverance." So their goal here is to increase your chances of finding the more affordable options in your travels.

"With a little experience and knowledge under your belt, you, too, may be shunning the pikes and bumping down a dirt road to stumble upon free legal camping - possibly the only way many of us will ever afford to see this continent's most scenic attracitons.

I read the guide to Southern Texas since I'm a Texan, and here's what I think:

On their way to Southern Texas to escape Canadian winters, they do use the big highways for speed's sake, so they also share tips and places along that route, including safe rest areas in MI, Ohio and Kentucky for quick overnighters. They start really "shunning the pike" along the Natchez Trace Parkway with some tips for free camping.

Once in Texas, you're given options of routes depending on final destination with clear maps to help in choosing. Did you know you can find free or really cheap camping spots on the beach in South Texas? Or that there are a couple of Wal-Marts in San Antonio with either a park-like setting where RVs park or even an area with picnic tables? How about free lakefront LCRA camping? Big Bend on your agenda? Check out tips on getting info for free primitive camping, some suitable for even larger motorhomes.

Check out their detailed Itinerary and Costs for a one-month tour of their favorite destinations. Footnotes include opinions on what size RV would work.

Marianne is in the process of updating some of these issues, and you will receive all future updates of that state’s travel guide free of charge. Also free of charge with every purchase you’ll get “Basic Boondocking - A Frugal Sunpiker’s Guide.”

Click here for more info
RV Packing Tips
Peggi McDonald is an online buddy of mine and I've learned a lot from reading her newsletter and various publications. She spent a lot of time interviewing other RVers and culled through their tips to present them here.
A few sections with loads of helpful hints:
Tips for extending your living space, along with food storage ideas.
Cleaning and maintenance tips.
How to find those hidden "empty" spaces and how to fill them.
Who knew there were so many uses for dryer sheets?
She also shares many of the "RV Life Lessons" she and John have learned (some the hard way, unfortunately) during their more than 20 years on the road. You'll be saying the same thing I did when I read these tips: "Now why didn't I think of that???" Click the book for more info.
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