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This section is all about getting together with other RVers to share travel guides that are helpful to other RVers. For it to be included here, I must have reviewed it myself and believe it to be beneficial. If you saw it here, please tell them so!
Camping Road - I first saw this site from a Facebook link to their Camping Road Trip Along the Natchez Trace Parkway. I really liked their format and how the trip was laid out with great tips for RVers about campgrounds, must-sees, links, etc. Now that I've read about it, it's on my "must-do" list too!
USCAmpgrounds.Info - 12,000 public campgrounds - entire U.S. and Canada. "This site provides what we believe to be the most comprehensive and geograpically accurate US & Canada public campground locator available. Includes all National Park, National Forest, State Park and Provincial campgrounds, all BLM, TVA and Army engineers and military-only campgrounds, all regional, county, city and utility-owned campgrounds." Their main site includes being able to search for campgrounds, a camp finder app, tips & articles and a forum to share experiences and info. Tom Hillegass has been camping for over 40 years and started this site for many of the same reasons I started MaliasMiles. He wanted information on public campgrounds that isn't easily found or accurately presented that RVers want to know when planning trips. I appreciate his efforts and I think you will, too.
I'm just getting around to compiling this list of helpful travel guides, so if you have one to share, please do by sending me an email at Thanks!
Check out this great book!As friendly as our northern neighbors are, it's still a bit intimidating for some to prepare for a visit to or through there. As Peggi says:

"The imaginary line between Canada and United States of America is the longest undefended border in the world but we ARE two different countries." "As a Canadian with 21 years of fulltime RV travels, I know what I am looking for. The mega number of websites, phone numbers plus extensive general information in RV Travel to Canada simplifies your planning and adds piece of mind to an RV Adventure in the friendly country to the north."

From the big general info to useful tiny tidbits, Peggi & John share what they've learned in their extensive travel through this amazing land. They give you the highlights and helpful links, featuring each province and territory you're going through, answering questions you may have forgotten to ask yourself:
What's the real deal about carrying a gun through Canada? Under what conditions and what forms must I fill out if I want to use my own gun for legit hunting while there? If I can't use mine, can I borrow one while there?
What licenses are necessary and how long does it take to get one for both fishing and hunting?
What can I bring with me and what can I bring back?
Traveling with Fido or Fidette - what are the unfounded rumors and what's really necessary not to be hassled at the border?
I love my plants. Do I have to give up my lucky bamboo?

Ferry travel - do I have to mortgage the RV to sail?

What's that in American?...ATM's, credit card, conversion rates, measurements, distances, they give easy conversion formulas.
Malia's 2 cents: Peggi obviously put a lot of time into the research and presentation of this easy-to-understand guide to RV travel in Canada. I particularly like that it's an eBook which you can download instantly and makes reference and finding what you're looking for quick and easy. Brand new updated info abounds throughout and I think this would have been very helpful when I was planning my own trip through Canada to Alaska. Click on the book cover for more info.

Sidenote: (a/k/a Malia's amusements): (I'll include these every now and then as I am reminded of a revelant story - especially if they're irreverent!)

When I got back from Alaska, I saw a posting in a forum asking for links to sites about northern travel. I submitted my website pages and my journal about my trip through Canada. He wrote back with his "rejection" of my site:

"Malia - From your journal:

"I was also a little surprised at my reaction when I crossed the border into America again. I heartily greeted the border guard with a "God Bless America!" In the past month, I got tired of converting money, trying to figure the exchange rate of loonies to dollars, trying to convert litres to gallons, etc. The guard said he gets that reaction all the time. I guess I'm not as un-stuck in my ways as I thought."

I find that comment offensive. Anyone with that sort of attitude should stay home, or at least stay out of my country."
(Identity of the thin-skinned Canadian withheld in the interest of keeping the peace)

I couldn't let that pass by, so I responded:

"Wow (thin-skinned man),

I am really surprised to hear you took offense at any of my remarks. It was certainly not my intent and in fact there was nothing negative said about Canada or its people. I was speaking strictly of my own limitations and frustrations in dealing with confusing things like exchange rates, calculations, etc.

Most of my journal entries drooled over how beautiful Canada is, "The Canadian Rockies are really a beautiful force to be reckoned with and I feel so unbelievably fortunate to have been treated to such an unexpected bonus – it is so much more than just the way to Alaska...I do believe if this road is all I would have seen, I would have still been extremely happy and content."

So, (thin-skinned man) I don't think I'll take you up on your offer to 'stay out of my country.' I get positive feedback all the time from Canadians who have read my journal and I have never had one other person take offense. But, hey, it's your site and I can't blame you for not linking to anything you find offensive. And when my site is a well-known resource for RVers, I'll try not to hold it against you. :-) (lighten up a little (thin-skinned man) - it's a joke, eh?)... And one more thing now that I think about it - I've got to give you credit: you've got offensive down much better than I do! "stay out of MY country" indeed - now THAT'S truly offensive! I am thankful I did not meet any other Canadians as rude as you are.

Bon jour!"

Maybe if I would have read Peggi's book first, I wouldn't have so offended this poor guy!
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