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Flat Towing Problems

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My letter to
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Timeline of my problems

My Escape from the Ford

Ford Escape
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Remco Auxiliary Cooling Pump

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Interesting reports from people
about their experiences towing
the Escape, getting conflicting
information from Ford dealers,
inserts sent by Ford to Manual
of 2012 Escapes stating it is
no longer flat towable despite
what the manual says, conflict-
ing and canned responses from
Ford Customer Relationship
Center where they basically
recite the manual and never
address the real questions or
even seem to be aware of the
subsequent bulletins.

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Hybrid Models :

2012 Ford Escape Towing
(FMCA - 5/19/12)
Although this post was started
from an Escape owner with the
6F35 transmission, others
report no problems with hybrid
since it has a completely
different, sealed transmission
(eCVT). However, Ford no
longer makes the hybrid.

2011: I started hearing about this accessory after-market part that may help the transmission overheating issue. At first, though, according to TSB 11-7-15, Ford's position was that it: "may provide an alternative to the Owner Guide Flat Tow guidelines...however, Ford does not warrant this aftermarket product. further, the use of an aftermarket product may void your ... warranty..."

So big ole' Catch 22 from Ford - basically in my mind they're saying "We haven't figured out how to make the car do what we said it would do in order to get you to buy it - or at least not so that it doesn't mess with our profits too much. And if you find a fix from somebody else (after spending money you shouldn't have to spend if the car towed like we said it would) - you're totally on your own after that and we won't even keep putting our little band aids on the gaping wound anymore." And I can hear the last remark under their breath, "...and good riddance to you, too!"

They continue to recommend that customers follow the Owners Guide Flat Tow guidelines, even though they're obviously not working!

When I asked the Service Director at the dealership who fixed my broken axle what he knew about the Remco pump, he said, "The way I read it is the auxiliary part would help because that would remedy the fact that the original equipment transmission doesn’t circulate the fluid, so that pump would help."

My question to Ford: so why can’t Ford come up with something like this that they can warranty??? I’m sure the engineers are working on it but that doesn’t make people who are towing the car they bought for that purpose feel any safer on the road right now. Nor can most afford to just take our lumps, get rid of the Escape and go buy another car for towing – especially when taking into consideration the expenses associated with new base plates and prepping the new car for towing.

Also see 5/30/11 comment on Forum: Remco says they will be shipping the part starting June 15, and that they have a big demand...

Conflicting Information re:
Ford's Position on who pays for the Remco pump:

2012: I started hearing comments from people that Ford was now installing the Remco pump. See comment on 8/3/11 blog post. "After installing 3rd tranny since new Dec 2011 (2011 Mercury Mariner) Ford installed Remco pump at Ford's expense. I still follow all Ford procedures and have towed 5500 miles since pump installation. No problems so far."

However, on 7/26/11 in this forum discussion, the Ford owner says, "I had my dealer check to see if Ford would pay for the Remco pump - the answer was "no".

On 3/10/12, I received an email from a fellow RVer: "We too have a 2009 Ford Escape that we bought specifically to flat tow. Unfortunatley, we too have been burning up transmissions and having them replaced at various Ford dealerships." After their 3rd transmission, "Again Ford replaced it but they’re really giving us a hard time now. Wanted us to have the Remco pump installed but we wouldn’t since they wouldn’t guarantee it & could void our warrantee." So this is their 4th transmission and even after that, "We barely made it back to FL – stopped at a campground after having only driven for about 3 hours & the transmission was really hot & we had fluid on the back of the Escape again."

Information from Remco:

3/9/12: I spoke with Heather at Remco (800-228-2481). She said they are definitely installing a lot of these lube pump kits in the Escapes, but she could not confirm if Ford or the customers were paying for them. To get the information, you go to the Remco website, click on Application Charts and enter your model to get the part you need. For my 2009 Escape, the part number is LP-BK01-004 at a cost of $995.

As for Ford's TSB 11-7-15 saying installation of this part would may void the Ford warranty, she pointed me to a legal opinion solicited by Remco in 2000 that quotes the "Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act" and says:

"the Act prohibits motor vehicle manufacturers from canceling motor vehicle warranties solely because the owner has installed the products of 'outside vendors' on the motor vehicles."

But I guess if Ford can make you believe them and go away and pay for expensive retrofits for things that shouldn't be required if their products worked the way they represented, that's what they prefer...

I also verified with Heather that the lube pump kit that is required for Ford products works basically the same way as the Chevrolet Cruze Lube Pump Kit featured on the news release on their website - it's just a diffferent part number. It states, "It is a six hour installation that will require wiring of the Motor Coach as well as wiring and plumbing of the Transmission.."

Until now, I hadn't heard that there was wiring required on the motorhome as well, but Heather explained it's basically a monitor and alarm that communicates between the motorhome and the car to alert you if the transmission is overheating.

Need I say again (as echoed by other Escape owners): "If I had known all this before I bought the Escape, I never would have bought it! I believed Ford's representations and they should honor them!"

I thought it interesting that the Remco release about the Chevrolet Cruze says that "General Motors released a technical bulletin in August of 2011 stating that the Cruze, and other vehicles containing the 6T40 Transmission are no longer tow-able with all four wheels on the ground." No such revelations from Ford that I can see...

What we're getting is conflicting information regarding the Remco pump option, Ford reps making threats that go against established law, with no consistency among the Ford dealers, who Ford keeps insisting is our main line of communication! Where is the "official" word from Ford Motor Company about this nationwide problem? It's up to corporate to issue an official, blanket policy about doing whatever it takes to make this right for the people who believed in your company!

Oh, and still absolutely no peep in response to my two certified letters to Mr. William Clay Ford, Jr.... I actually thought he might at least have somone on his staff answer since he was quoted in a 2009 press release saying, "I want us to be a company that makes a difference in people's lives; one that delights its customers... to do that we are focused on delivering desirable products." I say you most definitely have made a difference in people's lives, Mr. Ford - but one that most definitely is not delightful!

Letter to Motorhome Magazine (March, 2012 issue) - page 72

A reader who is having the same issues with her Escape told me about this letter that had information about the Remco pump and the continuing "Dinghy Difficulties."

"In the December 2011 issue there was a letter from Scott Peters ("Towing on the Edge") that caught my attention. Ford and GM are having problems with towing four wheels down. GM no longer allows the 2011 and later Chevy Cruze (with automatic transmission) to be flat-towed due to transmission failures. Ford has had many problems with Fusions and Escapes experiencing failures.

The owner's manual is a little confusing in that it gives instructions on how to set the car up for towing, and then reminds you to be sure that fluid levels are correct with a page number to direct you to. I would think that most people (like me) assumed that it meant the fluid level was full, but in fact requires you to have Ford drain the transmission fluid to a much lower level to help stop foaming and overheating while towing.

During a trip last summer our 2011 Ford Fusion had its first transmission failure around 150 miles from home. After waiting a week for the transmission to be replaced the second failure happened another 250 miles down the road. Ford rented us a car to use, and ordered another transmission to be installed. We could not wait, so Ford again had a car waiting at our next location and eventually got the car delivered to us 100 miles down the road. This transmission started acting up again within 150 miles of towing and driving the car. We cut our trip sort and returned home.

Ford offered many options to solve our problem, and in the end the company installed a Remco lube pump and also a charging system at Ford's expense. So far this fix has solved our problem." LW - Phoenix

MotorHome Magazine response:

"Yes, this situation with vehicles that receive approval from the manufacturer for towing and then have frequent problems and failures while towing seems to be growing, and I don't think we have heard the end of it yet. From your description, it appears that Ford did everything it reasonably could to accommodate you during repairs, so kudos to Ford for its customer service.

The Remco lube pump seems to solve these problems with these Ford transmissions, and I suggest that readers having this problem contact Remco at 800-228-2481 or online at, and request that the automobile manufacturer pay for the conversion."

Malia's 2 Cents:

So since I've seen at least two instances where Ford paid for the Remco pump, I wouldn't take the dealer's denial as the last word on this subject. When I take my car in for scheduled maintenance soon, I will ask the Service Director at my dealership (Leif Johnson Ford) about his experience with this issue and report back.

I also hope that anyone experiencing these issues with towing the Ford Escape or with the Remco pump will share info on my blog with any comments, suggestions, etc.

RVers, let's stick together!

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