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2009 Ford Escape Dinghy -
Flat Towing Problems

My blog post when
issues began

Ford Problems Worse Now!
My axle fell off!

Why, Ford, Why?
Melt down after the
fallen axle

Ford Finally Fixed?
I wish I knew...

My letter to
William Clay Ford, Jr.
Suprise - no answer!

Timeline of my problems

My Escape from the Ford

at Porcupine Mts. - MI

My 2009 Ford Escape:

Flat Towing Problems
and Information

Malia's Miles Home Page

Forum Posts

Interesting reports from people
about their experiences towing
the Escape, getting conflicting
information from Ford dealers,
inserts sent by Ford to Manual
of 2012 Escapes stating it is
no longer flat towable despite
what the manual says, conflict-
ing and canned responses from
Ford Customer Relationship
Center where they basically
recite the manual and never
address the real questions or
even seem to be aware of the
subsequent bulletins.

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Hybrid Models :

2012 Ford Escape Towing
(FMCA - 5/19/12)
Although this post was started
from an Escape owner with the
6F35 transmission, others
report no problems with hybrid
since it has a completely
different, sealed transmission
(eCVT). However, Ford no
longer makes the hybrid.


I bought the 2009 Escape specifically because Ford said it was OK to flat tow behind my motorhome. I really loved the car and was quite happy with my Escape - until I actually began towing it...

I've learned a lot of things since I first towed it in February 2011 and I want to share that here in hopes it will save others the time and trouble I've had dealing with these issues.

When I was in the midst of dealing with Ford over the continuing transmission problems in May, 2011, I detailed everything on my blog with a timeline and outline of communications with the various representatives. Link to blog with all details, links, documents, etc., including comments and stories from other RVers.

I've seen a lot of misinformation out there, so I'm going to include what info I got officially from Ford and what I've learned in the process in the pages linked to the left..

The thing that concerned me the most and clued me in that not even all Ford service people have full knowledge about flat towing was being told by a Ford service technician (after he put my car up on the rack for inspection and found "early signs of transmission failure" that my car was not recommended by Ford to be flat towed - that I needed to use a dolly. He showed me two pages of a copied document about towing with a dolly. When I told him that may be true about earlier year models and showed him the official owner's guide and the May 2010 supplemental bulletin with Ford's instructions about flat towing, he changed his mind, but still...that did nothing to boost my confidence in Ford when I was told by their Customer Relationship Center that "inquiries of a technical nature are best referred to our dealerships because they have factory trained technicians and comprehensive service information that can address your concern."

Since I and others had been told so many different things from different dealers and service techs, at that point, I knew I was in real trouble!

Latest updates:

April, 2013: My Escape From the Ford Escape. For my birthday, I treated myself to a new toad! I absolutely love my Honda Fit and it does fit the bill perfectly for me. See Facebook page for pictures and more details (it's public so you don't need FB account to view). Since then, I've towed it to Tennessee with no problems at all - very quick and simple process. Plus I love how I can zip around much better while exploring and never a problem fitting into a parking space! I'm thankful my Ford dealer (Leif Johnson in Austin) worked it out so I could trade it in. As I've said, I have no problem with them, but I will never, ever buy another Ford car due to the unscrupulous way Ford as a company has handled this matter. I'm so glad to have escaped the Escape!

Have you heard about the Focus Titanium being flat-towable? I wouldn't believe Ford about any of their cars they say are flat towable. Another RVer friend (Peggy) told me that after deciding not to buy an Escape because their "son-in-law went a little crazy and sent us blog after blog about ruined transmissions towing four on the ground," their Ford dealer convinced them the Focus Titanium was "great to tow," so they leased one first to try it out. Their experience? "Great to tow? Well, except for the low front fender apron and parking sensors in fender. It won't even load on the tow dolly." So now she drives the car behind the motorhome her husband drives - what a waste and extra expense in gas! She added, "There's no place to put a Blue Ox under the fender apron and each time we'd drive we'd have to turn the computer completely off and reboot and reset everything (including the car, which I'm not about to do on a lease!) We have one year down on the lease and kick ourselves for not getting the Jeep many times over."

You just cannot convince me at this point Ford does not know better and are just still suckering RVers into buying their products!

September, 2012: Not only towing problems with the Escape...
I had a bad leak from the sunroof after a hard rain. It not only soaked the driver seat and floorboard, but the header that covered the roof was sopped and stained. At first I was told that since the drains had become plugged up, the extended warranty did not cover this type of problem. I was asked if I parked under trees. I said of course I do at times and asked if that's not allowed by Ford. If so, they should cover that in their owner's manuals. Ridiculous! A quick Google search for that issue revealed many others with the same problems and cleaning the drains around the sunroof is not something a typical consumer could do. Once again, Kevin came to the rescue and took care of it at no expense and little inconvenience to me, but it's another example of a really poor design by Ford and the consumer left to deal with it.

August 1, 2011: The front axle fell off! See blog post for details.

I also hope that anyone experiencing these issues with towing the Ford Escape will share info on my blog with any comments, suggestions, etc.

RVers, let's stick together!

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