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I'm not the only one to say that one of the neatest things about RVing is the great people we meet along the way. I have found RVers by nature to be extremely friendly and open people. Maybe it's because we're living a unique lifestyle that a lot of other folks just don't understand. We love sitting around the campfire swapping travel tales and sharing our favorite "must-sees." I've learned a lot this way, and also from reading other journey journals and blogs. Below are links to a few of my favorites. I've also created some pages with pictures and stories of a few of the great people I have met along the way, linked below.
RVing Neighbors I Met
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Misc. RV Blogs and Websites
(see Fulltime RV Resources for fulltimers' blogs and websites)
American Journeys I enjoyed meeting Mary Ann while camping in Hot Springs in 2006. We have a lot in common - especially wanting to share the RV lifestyle. She's created a data base of over 2,000 pages of RV travel information. Check it out to learn neat stuff about what to see and do in more than 230 US towns.
Everything About RVing A couple with over 35 years of RVing experience shares their knowledge and zeal for RVing. Whether you are new to RVing and camping or a veteran, there's something here for you.
Free Campgrounds Search for free or low-cost camping opportunities where you're headed. Use the map to search for state listings.
Free Campsites Dedicated to becoming the primary source for information on free campgrounds and boondocking locations in the United States and Canada. The developers are currently enjoying the fulltime RV lifestyle and are actively searching out free camping areas while traveling.
Frugal RV Travel To celebrate becoming an empty-nester and the arrival of a new millenium, in 1999 Marianne and Randy quit their jobs, put everything in storage and just took off to points unknown.
Hitch Up and Go A compilation of all of those hard to find camping related web links. Here you will find all the information you will need to make your RV experience a great one.
Resources for RVers A nice collection of recommended links related to all things RVing, especially for those looking for the "frugal" side of life.
Roaming Times Thousands of pages of things of interest to RVers. You can find a traveling companion through their "Why Roam Alone" section, find work, buy or sell your RV, or read the latest RV news. All kinds of good stuff about RVing - you could spend hours here reading RV related articles and news, picking up handy tips and general info.
RV Fun Trips I really enjoy Maury's blog - he's been to a lot of the places I've been and I always enjoy seeing them again through his eyes. And I truly appreciate his attitude and spirit!
RV I "met" Sylvia through the Tiffin forum and she was so friendly, I checked out her site and love her tips and recipes - and attitude about RVing!
RV Lifestyle Experts Jaimie Hall-Bruzenak and Alice Zyetz have written some great books on the RV Lifestyle and really know what they're talking about. Find answers to questions you didn't even know you had!
RV Wheel Life Freelance writer Julianne Crane writes about the RV lifestyle and recreational vehicle industry.
Women RV Forum While this forum is limited to women, the group has plenty of get togethers that include boyfriends, husbands, brothers. I recently discovered this group and look forward to keeping in touch with them and getting together whenever possible.
Speed Bumps "Welcome to Short Attention Span Theater" - a cleverly written and hilarious now-ex-fulltimer's journal. Even though Bob's not fulltiming anymore, it's still fun to read about what he did and what he's doing now. He absolutely cracks me up!
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