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Billy and Patsy Fuller are from nearby Malvern and have been coming here for over 25 years. They say it's great that this pretty park is so close to them. They're in site #28 in Area B - a premium site in a peninsula cul-de-sac type area. This is their favorite because it's shady, more secluded and right on the water.

Today (Sept. 20, 2006) they were taking the grandkids camping on a very special day - Madeline's 1st birthday! Grandpa is holding her and Grandma is holding 3 year old big sister Miranda. Precious people - I really had fun visiting with them for a bit.
My nearby neighbors, Sonny Lowery (standing) and Roger LeBlanc. Sonny's from El Dorado, Arkansas, and has been coming here for years - whenever his wife goes on her annual shopping spree with her sisters, he comes here for some fishing action. When I told Roger that LeBlanc is my mom's maiden name and we were cajuns from Louisiana, he said he is originally from New Brunswick, Canada - so that makes him a "Canadian Coon Ass."
It was Roger's first trip to Lake Catherine and he enjoyed being able to just step outside the trailer, set out some camping chairs and fish for his supper. Hope he wasn't too hungry because all he got this time was this tiny sunfish. We all laughed like crazy and joked about his fishing prowess. Despite going hungry, they said they really liked how peaceful and quiet it was here - especially in the early mornings when the mist still hung over the water while the sun rose.
Roy Johnson of Henderson, Texas was just a few sites down, but had better luck, catching this 3-4 lb. bass on his first visit to Lake Catherine. He said even he was a little surprised to catch that nice of a fish. He and his wife Debra, and daughter Amanda have always enjoyed the great outdoors and said they really liked this campground. They ranked it right at the top of their list of great parks and are already planning a return trip in the near future.
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