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It was funny how many of my "kinfolk" were visiting Arkansas while I was here over the 2006 Labor Day holiday - people from Louisiana (where I was born) and Texas (where I moved in 1971 and now where a lot of my family live after getting tired of running from hurricanes). I really enjoyed visiting with them and hearing what they had to say about Arkansas State Parks.
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The Tilton Clan - gathered from Louisiana, Alabama, Texas, and Greenwood, Arkansas. They chose Lake Ouachita State Park for this one after seeing pics of it on the internet. They say they were certainly not disappointed. Comments were that whoever designed this campground really knew what they were doing - they really enjoyed the spaciousness of the sites - even though the park was full, it didn't feel crowded. They liked how in this Loop A that each RV site had tent pads to go with it, and how easily Maw-maw's wheelchair could be maneuvered around the entire area. Traci, too familiar with southern humidity, said she particularly appreciated the cooler weather and fewer mosquitoes. They have a "party" boat, and said this park had the best and most access to the water they'd ever seen. They laughingly said the only complaint they had was that the grooved picnic tables wouldn't let their dominoes stand upright without using paper plates. The kids ranging in age 3-12 really enjoyed the water, fishing, and especially going tubing for the first time. They were also looking forward to a visit to the Mid-America Science Museum in Hot Springs.
Mark & Sherry Missildine (with Mason the dog) and Greg & Julie McCown from Texarcana - I met these couples when I was taking pics of the C loop. They really liked this big deck next to their RV site (#79) and the only thing they wished for were more sites with sewer hookups - this area has none. Comments were that the big draw is how clean the lake is - it's one of the few they feel comfortable swimming in. The peace and quiet and how well kept and clean the bath houses are was appreciated. They also mentioned the nice weather and fewer bugs. One thing I noticed about this site, though, is that it's pretty tight on the RV pad itself - the proximity to the trees would probably prevent slides coming out.
The Schneggenburger Family from Azle, Texas - Here they are fishing at the end of the Three Sisters Springs area. Dad Ken said they'd camped in Texas, Kentucky and Tennessee, but that Arkansas state parks are a cut above and their favorite. They really liked the clean water, the big green trees, and the family oriented park activities. Cousin Tricia is having fun casting her cares away at the fish. That's Ken's daughter, Christie, next to him, and another cousin Kim at the end. 16 year old beauty Christi didn't mind me taking her picture at all - she said she wanted to be Paris Hilton. Dad replied, "Over my dead body!" Mom Susan is just relaxing and taking it all in.
The Fowlar Family from Sunnyvale, TX - I met these folks during one of the park activities, the Water Walk. Interpreter Andrew Whittington led us along the banks of the lake, turning over rocks to find some of the smallest inhabitants of the park, the aquatic organisms. Mom Laura is identifying the find of her kids, Sarah and Nic, from the info sheet provided.
It seems like everyone was on the same wave length, because their comments were similar to the others I'd heard. This was their first visit here and said they really loved the clean water, the gorgeous scenery, the family friendly organized activities, and the fact that the lake was so huge that even when lots of boaters are out, you can always find a secluded cove or inlet.
I also met Buddy Carmack, who was camphosting here during my stay. He said he's been hosting since 1990 and one of the things that make this park so enjoyable is how friendly and helpful the entire staff is here. He is impressed with how responsive maintenance is with any issues he brings to their attention and how clean and well kept the park is. I agree!

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