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Bearizona - walk-through sign

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In the 20 acre walk-through area, the animals are more confined here, but although they call this their more “zoo” type setting, I still found it more visibly pleasing with more natural elements and less of a concrete jungle feeling.  There are some enclosed “tunnels” where you can view animals that prefer a more darkened environment, including napping bears sometimes.

The first thing I did was catch the morning Birds of Prey Show featuring hawks, owls, falcons and other raptors.

Bearizona - owl

A great and gorgeous Great Horned Owl

Bearizona - hawk

This glorious hawk flew over our heads several times to different perches.

Bearizona - hawk approach

I can’t believe I caught this flight that came right over my head so close I could hear and feel the whoosh of his wings.   Even the lighting on the bird makes the shot look unreal, but it was and was totally thrilling!

Bearizona - foxes

Both the red fox and white colored swift fox were pretty zonked out when I passed by, but aren’t they just precious?

Bearizona - badgers

This badger was either yawning or showing his annoyance at being disturbed, but I wouldn’t want any of my body parts caught in those teeth!

Bearizona - Bobcat

I spent a lot of time watching this awesome bobcat prowling all around the enclosure because it was close to feeding time and he certainly knew it.

Bearizona - Bobcat eating

Attendants placed a meat mixture around the enclosure in different spots so he could hunt for them.  He also got “dessert” in the form of honey poured in some places.  It was nice to see the animals with lots of room to roam and in a much more natural environment than you normally see in zoos.

Bearizona - cubs with attendants

Attendants Teddy and Alyssa

I lucked onto this scene with the attendants giving the baby bears some outside “enrichment” exercise.  Teddy was getting some cub love and said even as small and cuddly looking as they are now, their claws are razor sharp and it would probably only be a couple more months that they could be in this close contact with them.

Bearizona - cubs

These cubs born in January will be the last cubs born in the park since they have fixed the males to prevent this in the future.  That decision was made so that they have more room to take in more rescues but still not have the park over populated.  The one little guy looking up at the tree seems to be dreaming of being big enough to climb it – if they’d just move those protective bands!  (“I think I can, I think I can…”)

Bearizona - bear in walk-through

This bigger bear seems to be considering a jump across here.  I appreciate their conservation, sensible green practices and how they recycle scrap material to form the foundation of waterfalls and man-made rock sculptures like these.

Bearizona - bear on ledge

I got some nice direct eye contact with this guy and wondered what he was trying to tell me.  Maybe he was just smiling nicely for the camera.

Bearizona - peacock

On the tamer side, I always enjoyed seeing these peacock roaming around freely throughout the grounds.

More Info:


Check out the drive-through area for more bear, bison and wolves.

There is also a little grill with hot dogs and other snack food and drinks.  Since you can’t leave and come back the same day on the same ticket, you have this option or you can pack a lunch and eat in the large picnic area.

The park is about six years old now and they intend to do a lot more growing.  Beside the large gift shop now, a larger sit-down restaurant is being built.

There is also a Petting Zoo for kids of all ages.

Wheelchairs or shuttle services are available upon request.

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