Loop B – Catalina SP Campground

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Loop B entrance

Loop B entrance

11570 N. Oracle Rd.
Tucson, AZ 85737

520-628-5798 (Park Office)
520-586-2283 (Reservations)

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Malia’s Miles Catalina SP Overview Page

Click here for my Campgrounds Overview for full details with Pros/Cons on all loops, including group and equestrian areas

My visit: April 1-14, 2017 – (Click pics for large versions) 

Loop B Palo Verde tree

This beautifully blooming yellow Palo Verde tree was always a welcome sight when I entered the loop.

Loop B streets signs

As I noted on the Campgrounds Overview page (Pros/Cons section), the only complaint I had the entire time I was here was that when I first arrived, even though provided with map and told how to get to my pull-through site, I would have appreciated more than just these signs directing to either Pull-Thru or Back-in sites from the roads (these were not the only two roads, either).  Since the roads loop around and it ended up not really being a problem, avoiding any kind of stress or uncertainty upon arrival for a solo driver with no navigator would have been preferable.

Loop B middle row pull-throughs (20-21)

This street scene shows the middle row of pull-thru sites with Site 21 on the left. As you can see the roads are paved and in great condition. Each site is also paved and level.

Loop B Site 46 street scene

Along the outside edge, this street scene shows Site 46 on the left with Site 45 empty next to it. I was told that these are the most requested sites due to the trees, views and the good amount of space between them.

Loop B Site 48But rounding the corner, this Site 48 would be my pick. The yard is huge and offers great privacy on either side.  And backing in here would be a breeze since the curve in the road makes the perfect setup. Plus, I love the little natural flower garden feature.

Loop B site 50

But I certainly had nothing to complain about with my Site 50. Besides the convenience of a large pull-through, having the mountains as neighbors was the biggest plus to me. However, in order to pull the motorhome up to the front of the site and have my tow car behind it would have meant getting out my longer water hose, so I just parked more toward the back and parked my car in front. All of the sites electric/water connections were at the very back of the sites this way, so those like me with connections more in the middle of their RVs will have to make adjustments for this.

Loop B pink sunset

Here was the biggest plus, though.  I was so blessed to witness this sunset when these pink clouds were marching toward the full moon over the magical Catalina Mountains.

Loop B back row - back-ins Site 75

Getting around to the back row of back-ins, here is Site 75 on the left.

Loop B back pull throughs

Pull through sites along the back side. I thought this “Imagine” was an appropriate message for such an inspiring view.

Loop B restrooms

Now to a part I don’t usually include in great detail in my reviews other than to mention if they existed and how clean or functional they were.  But I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more modern equipped and immaculate restroom and showers building in 16 years of fulltiming.  Every single person without exception mentioned this when I asked what they liked about camping here and I just had to prove this point by providing pictures.

Loop B Baths - Women

Women’s Restrooms and Showers. I really appreciated the handheld shower head, something rarely found and convenient for us shorties. And believe it or not, the water pressure was great and I always had plenty enough hot water even when I shampooed and conditioned my hair!

Even though I normally prefer to use my own facilities, since the campground does not have full hookups, I visited here a lot in order to avoid having to pack up and go dump mid stay since I stayed two weeks.  It didn’t matter what time it was, whether weekend or weekday, they were super clean.  I met the volunteers who worked here a couple of times and commended them on a job well done.

Loop B Baths - family

Family Facilities – I also thought it was neat to have two of these large areas where they can have their own large private space. I’m sure this is much more convenient when you’re dealing with showering kiddies.

Also convenient: on the side of the building is an outside sink for washing dishes.


Loop B Details:

73 reservable sites in this loop.  All sites have 20/30/50 amp and water at each site. Roads and sites are all paved and have picnic tables and BBQ grills. See links above for more details and rates. Unlike Loop A, this loop has a small dump station at its entrance. The configuration is a bit different with more pull-through sites in the middle of the campground.


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