Grand Canyon Railway RV Park

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601 W. Franklin Avenue ♦ Williams, AZ  86046
928-635-4010 (ext. 3300)
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GC Railway - office

I always like it when they make it super easy with large pull through spots for parking while you check in.

GC Railway Site map cropped

Site Map – click for full size

RV Park Site Map – 124 sites on level blacktop, all full hookup with 30/50 amp service, pull-throughs and buddy spaces available. Picnic table at each site.

Don’t Miss the Train! During my first visit to the Grand Canyon in 2002, I don’t remember even hearing about the railroad back then, but later other RVers told me how great it was, so when I had the chance to check out the RV park and the train ride, I was totally excited!

Tour the RV Park:

GC Railway - RV Park entranceThe entrance to the RV park is across the road from the office.

GC Railway - Row 136Row starting with Site 136 on the left.  These sites back to the railroad tracks.

GC Railway - Row 213 - trainSecond row, starting with Site 213 with a train passing by.

GC Railway - Row 231Overview of second row, starting with Site 231 on the left.

GC Railway - Row 318Third row, starting with Site 318.  The picnic pavilion is on the left.

GC Railway - Row 327Third row, starting with Site 327.  I heard this section (320-327) is popular because it’s a small section and very easy to get in and out (all pull-throughs).

GC Railway - Site 301-302Sites 302-301 at the end of the row are popular due to views of the mountains.

GC Railway - Row 400Row 400 looking toward the office.

GC Railway - Row 517Row 500, starting with Site 517 on the right.

GC Railway - Sites 501-502The last row, sites 501-502 are also popular due to the mountain views.

GC Railway sunset

And as you can see, the sunsets are pretty dramatic over here!

GC Railway - Me in 511I was perfectly content in Site 511, plenty of room for slides on both sides and conveniently placed sewer and water connections.

GC Railway - shuttleShuttle Service:

The main, centrally located pickup site is here at the laundry/restrooms/showers building and there is a courtesy phone inside, along with vending machines with snacks and soft drinks.  But you can also call the main RV park number (listed above) for quick shuttle service to and from your site.  They will take you to the train depot, café or hotel. They won’t take you directly into town, but will drop you off at the farthest east end of the parking lot and then you’re only 2 blocks from downtown Williams.  There is also a handicapped accessible shuttle to accommodate wheelchairs.

GC Railway - Laundry-Bath collageLaundry room and restroom/showers are modern, well equipped and were always immaculately clean whenever I checked.

GC Railway - Picnic pavilionDirectly across the road from here is the picnic pavilion and community fire pit (gas).

GC Railway - store collageStore with snacks and RV supplies, some clothing and necessities you might have forgotten.


I always include short recaps of pros and cons about the parks I visit. I realize this is subjective stuff and what bothers some people, others won’t have a problem with, and vice versa. As a fulltime RVer, I like things that weekend campers can do without. But, based on my own observations and/or comments from others, here goes:

button-pro  Pros:

GC Railway - Williams Location, Location, Location!  Williams is hailed as the gateway to the Grand Canyon and is also a very cute, quaint little town on historic Route 66 with restaurants, pubs and shopping.  It’s just a few blocks from the RV park, and with adjacent train depot to the glorious Grand Canyon, you can’t beat it.  Besides that, the facilities and amenities are excellent, clean, and well maintained.

button-con  Cons:

As noted in other reviews I’d seen, there is no shade and I can imagine that would be an issue in really warm weather, but not when I was here in early April with cooler temps.  It even snowed a little one night during the 10 days I was here!

As usual, what one RVer finds a real problem with, another one insists it’s what they want.  The most frequent complaint I saw when I was looking at other reviews was that it was nothing more than a parking lot. And it’s true that the park is completely blacktop paved (except for the site dividers with the picnic tables which are gravel).  But like everything, it’s all a matter of perspective.  Some folks want a more rustic, nature-loving feel, and in that case, this is not the park for you.  On the other hand, others want the paved and totally level sites, a park that is easy to maneuver around every part, has the amenities associated with a resort, like access to indoor hotel pool and amenities, etc.  There are benefits to both, in my opinion, and I like having the choice for whatever suits my needs/wants at the moment.

Train noise?  Yep, there’s that.  Although I find it a little funny that people would complain about that since Railway is in the name of the park, so what would you expect?  My site 511 was farthest away from the tracks, but sites in the 100 range back up right next to them.  See Site Map.  Since the main reason I chose to stay here was to ride the train, while I did hear them when they passed (by law, trains have to sound horn at intersections), it wasn’t a big deal to me.  See how much fun I had on my train ride to the glorious Grand Canyon.


Pet Friendly: Not only friendly, but there’s even a Pet Resort for your furry family members during the day while you take the train ride or overnight while attendants provide group and individual playtime in the exercise yard.  All animals need to be current on shots and such paperwork needs to be provided.

GC Railway - Pet Resort28 large pens for dogs and 16 cat condos that are heated/cooled with access to the gravel play yard in back.

GC Railway - playgroundKid Friendly:   This is the small playground across from where you check in.  Also, campground guests can use the facilities at the Grand Canyon Railway Hotel, including game room, outdoor playground and rock climbing wall.

satellite TV:  Cable TV is provided, but to receive it, you must have digital equipment.  Analog won’t work unless you have your own converter box. They give you detailed instructions for connecting, but I didn’t try this since I have rooftop satellite and that worked fine.

cellphoneInternet/Wi-Fi/Cell Phone: I always use my own secure connection through my air card, but I checked out their free wi-fi for this review since I’d seen complaints about it not working great.  I was in site 511 and I did have a problem connecting at first.  I could not get to the login part per their written instructions, but I called the 24 hour number for the service provider (GX2) and they were able to walk me through it.

Once connected, I had no problem and it was fast enough for regular browsing, but this was on a Monday before noon and I bet the connection diminishes the more people are on it.  I understand more repeaters throughout the campground is on the wish list for future expansion.

My Verizon cell phone worked great, with full bars and 4G service.

Amenities (no charge):   Showers, picnic pavilion, group fire pit (gas), fitness trail around the property that leads to train depot.  Williams and Route 66 are just two blocks away.  RV park guests can use indoor pool and spa, fitness center and other facilities at the Grand Canyon Railway Hotel.  Be sure to bring your card key that gets you into the laundry room and showers at the RV park to access these hotel facilities.

GC Railway Park map

Park Map – click for full size

Full Park Map – Including hotel property and more info.

Rates:  Passport America accepted for 7 night maximum depending on availability. Click link for details on restricted times.  Good Sam Club discount.

divider-greenNearby Attractions:

Bearizona (5 miles) – As you drive through 160 acres, including miles of Ponderosa pine forest, view North American animals in natural habitats.

Elephant Rocks Golf Course, an 18 hole golf course owned and operated by the City of Williams, is less than 4 miles away.


GC Railway - steam engine

Grand Canyon Railway Train Ride

two-centsMalia’s 2 Cents & Tips:  The main attraction that brought me here was the train ride to the Grand Canyon.  It was a fantastic trip and I had an absolute blast.  (Click here for that page.)  This park was a perfect home base for that.  I thought they lived up to the “resort” designation not only because of the facilities, but every person I met working here were super friendly and obviously interested in your having a great stay.  The friendly greeting upon arrival and easy check-in always goes a long way with me, too.

Tips:  Since sudden strong winds are not unusual for Williams, don’t leave your awning extended when gone.

If you’re going to use the laundry or restrooms/showers while here, be sure to check that your key card for access works.  Mine didn’t at first and this wouldn’t be fun if you were in a hurry.  You will also need this card to use the hotel facilities.

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Transparency: As stated openly on the Home page, I do barter whenever possible for review space on my website. It’s one of the ways that help support my travel habit and keeps this site free to readers. But I always make it clear that my reviews are my honest opinion, can never be bought at any price and if I wasn’t satisfied, I would also state that (just like I do Pros and Cons on every campground I review, whether it’s bartered or not).

Your Two Cents?  The only way I know if the reviews and research I present are helpful to you is if I hear from you.  I sure would appreciate your feedback in Comments below.

  • J.C. Webber III

    We’ll be there in a couple of weeks. Can’t wait!!!

    • Yay – I know you’ll have a blast! Wish timing would have worked out for us to meet, but somewhere else down the road…

  • Email received today and another reason I continue to do these reviews: I really appreciate your reviews of campgrounds and your experiences while traveling (as well as your fantastic work regarding RV fridges!). As a 1/2 time RV’er it does help me when planning our upcoming trips for the winter. Thank-you! Wendy

  • Susie Fasig Smeal

    Thank you for your candid review of the park. I plan to be there next March for Spring break. Can’t wait!

    • Great! Thanks for the comment and I hope to hear about your stay, too! 🙂

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