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4144 S. Hwy 95, Ste.B – Fort Mohave, AZ 86426
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Mohave truckFebruary – April, 2016:  During my time in California at Needles Marina RV Park, it turned out I needed two different appliances repaired on my 2012 Winnebago Adventurer.

The park recommended Mohave RV Repair out of nearby Fort Mohave, AZ.  Dan, on the left, is the son of the owner and is a Master Tech and Shop Manager.  Jake on the right has been working for the 14 year old company for two years now.  I was impressed with Dan and Jake whenever they came out. It seemed to me that they really knew what they were doing but were also willing to take the time to answer my questions and get pictures so I could share this info with my readers.  I’m sorry and extremely disappointed that the impression I was left with was not as positive as it started, but read on for the rest of the story…

Splendide Washing Machine Fix:

Splendide circuit board February 24, 2016:  My first repair needed was when the circuit board went out on a machine that had just been replaced in June last year.  I told Dan I was doing a page on the  Splendide washing machine issues and I appreciated his patience and showing me the circuit board he was replacing.

At this point, I was pretty impressed with their knowledge and service, and this was a quick and easy fix that I’ve had no problem with since.


Norcold lemonMarch 6, 2016 – When my Norcold refrigerator quit working, they began some troubleshooting steps with me and finally ended up replacing the thermistor (the little inexpensive thing that controls the temperature).  See my page Norcold RV Refrigerators for details of the diagnosis process, which I understood was complicated.

But a week later when I was over 100 miles down the road, it quit working again, so I came all the way back to them, figuring it would expedite matters to have the same people continue with the process.  With my usual 20/20 hindsight, I sure wish I would have found somebody else at that point.

March 21, 2016:  Upon my return, I don’t think I should have had to wait so long to get back on their schedule and that they should have come out sooner for the diagnosis part anyway so the cooling unit could have been ordered before a weekend in-between further delayed things.  Then there was another lost day when I first told them I wanted to replace the cooling unit with an Amish built one instead of another defective Norcold product, I was told they would not do that.  When I was about to take it to another nearby service who would, they agreed to order and install the Amish unit.  See my page Amish Built Refrigerator Cooling Units for my reasons for insisting on this.

April 6, 2016:  They replaced the Norcold cooling unit (the main, most expensive part).  See page My Amish Built Cooling Unit Install for more info and pictures on that.



Malia’s Two Cents:  April 9, 2016:  Even though I ended up feeling disappointed in Mohave RV Service, the above information was my impression at the time and they did the reported repairs, so I want to be as fair as possible.

My first negative was not uncommon:  Like so many other RV repair places these days, these guys are extremely busy and it’s hard to get on their schedule as they were booked weeks in advance when I first called.  I was thankful they worked me in and understood the wait time at first.

customer perceptionThere were a couple of times even after that when I still felt like I was pushed on the back burner, but that was mostly because of Paula (Service Manager) not getting my emails on a timely basis.

One thing that made me mad during this long process was when it was suggested at one point that I should bring my motorhome in and leave it at their shop for at least 24 hours and stay in a motel in the meantime.  This began as a suggestion from Norcold when they were still trying to troubleshoot with them, but that’s when I started feeling like I was too much of a problem to them.  I told them I went with them initially because they are a mobile service and that I always deal with mobile services whenever possible, or if I’ve had to be overnight at a repair facility, they’ve always had a place for me to park so I could stay in my own home.  I was not agreeable to leaving my home and everything in it vulnerable because it was more convenient for Norcold or them.  However, they did finally complete the repairs on a mobile basis.

But after everything was done on the refrigerator and two days later I was still not getting the desired temperature readings for both the freezer and refrigerator consistently, I was told that the refrigerator temperatures were “within spec” and that all was working as it should. I understood it takes time to cool down in such warm temperatures as we were having at the time, but I don’t think it’s fair to say the temperatures are within spec when it had been running at the lowest setting overnight for two nights when totally empty, but then as soon as food was placed in it, the readings were way too warm that entire day.

I called and emailed Paula on Friday to report my concerns and asked that they come out the next day (they do normally work on Saturdays anyway) since I absolutely could not sit around and wait another week or so for them to get back to me.  I have never heard another word back from her.  It became obvious to me that after being paid they lost interest and had no further incentive to deal with me.

dishonestWhen I called my extended warranty company on Monday to let them know the refrigerator still was not working right, that’s when they told me they had already paid Mohave’s $2,400+ bill on Thursday.  The adjuster told me when Mohave called for the authorization to do the work on March 29 when they ordered the cooling unit, they estimated 7.1 hours and justified that by saying they had to remove the windshield to install the part.  But not only did the work actually take only 2 hours to totally complete, the windshield most certainly did not have to be removed and I’ve got the pictures to prove it! 

I can understand charging maybe an hour over the actual install time when a warranty company gives you a larger allowance, since there is extra paperwork, etc., but I think when companies take advantage in this massive a way, the result is higher insurance costs for the consumer, so I just don’t think it’s right, even considering the prior work they did to replace the thermistor which didn’t fix the problem anyway.

Update:   April 14, 2016 – After not cooling enough since Wednesday, strangely enough, on Sunday morning I woke up to frozen cream for my coffee and everything in the fridge section was frozen!  From too warm to too cold now – seriously?!  I was put in contact with JR at the factory of the Amish built unit and since it was running consistently too cold now, he suspected the thermistor again.  Also, when he heard my refrigerator was installed in a slide, he said a third fan should have been added to the top vent for more efficient ventilation.  I was so impressed that when I told him of the problems I had with Mohave, he quickly arranged to have a thermistor and the extra fan sent out to a local repair service near me, who came out to do that install.  Finally – after starting this process with Mohave on March 6, it all seems to be working great now!

bottom lineSo would I use Mohave again?  No way!  Maybe I wouldn’t feel so bad about them if they had made an effort or even showed an interest in why it still wasn’t working right, but once they were paid, that was it for me.

customer lostWhen your final impression is that you are not really valued as a customer and they’re glad to be rid of you because they’ve got lots of other jobs to do, that counts for a lot in my decision to go elsewhere next time.  Combine indifference and dishonesty and, unfortunately, that’s my final impression of Mohave RV Repair.

I’d have to say I’d try other places in nearby Lake Havasu City (Dan at USA RV Marine) or even a little farther away in Kingman (Wendy and Eric at Cordova’s Mobile RV Service) if I were in this area again. I talked to both of them and they agreed the Amish made units were far superior to Norcold and had much more experience installing them.  Both of these provide mobile service in that area.  Mike Dunn at Warehouse Appliance in Chino Valley, AZ was the guy who came out to me in Williams, AZ to replace the thermistor and install the third fan.

I thought it was interesting that they didn’t even both to reply to a 2014 BBB complaint, further evidence that they just don’t care.

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