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January, 2006 – Even though I’d done my fair share of boondocking in the five years I’d been fulltiming, being in the desert held no appeal for me. When a friend asked me to come speak to the Fulltime Graduating Class of 2005, I refused, saying I hadn’t become a fulltime RVer to know where I’d be a year in advance and besides, I wasn’t a public speaker. But as I started reading the posts on RV.Net and the Escapees forums, I felt such an affinity for this group that I just could not pass on the opportunity of meeting them. When the time neared, though, I found myself sick with “Depression in the Desert” and I almost didn’t make it. I now consider it one of my wisest decisions to forge ahead and meet this wonderful group of inspirational people.

Quartzsite - big tent

It really is the biggest deal of the RVing world every winter.  Here’s an aerial shot of the big tent area, surrounding vendors and RVs. I’m not sure what year this was taken.

quartzsite desert aerial view

An aerial shot when we were there.

quartzsite camp overview

Here’s an aerial shot of our campsite located down one of the dustiest roads ever! Too bad this was taken when it was almost empty after most of the class had left. But this shows that we had lots of room all to ourselves way out there. And like Tony (Firedude) never lets us forget: did we mention the dust???

quartzsite camp closeup

A closer up shot of our campsite. We were way down at the end of the South LaPosa area.

quartzsite breakfast

Great food and fun times made up for a lot, though. Here we are having a potluck dinner in front of Anne & Henry Goldman’s house.

quartzsite campfire

I think we were all a bit surprised at how cold it was on those desert nights, but the glow of roaring fires and kindling friendships made it all worthwhile.

quartzsite seminar

There were also seminars where we shared tips and talks with each other.


Here are some links of others I had fun with who have written about it:

Me & Ron BungeI was really happy to finally get to meet Ron Bunge from HitchItch.com. His was one of the sites I haunted to learn about fulltime RVing and Terry, a fellow rockhound who gifted me with one of the first turquoise necklaces he made. Their blog about Quartzsite begins here and he writes about our meetings starting on Jan. 29.

Tab, my bestest graduating buddy, the tireless coordinator of the class, and the main reason I made it to Quartzsite, writes about his and his sweet wife, Deanna’s, experiences here on his blog.

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