River Sun Pressure Washing

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River Sun Pressure Washing

P.O. Box 2282  ♦  Bullhead City, AZ  86430
Dave Greenawalt, Owner  ♦  928-219-0574

The days of me climbing the ladder, getting up on the roof and washing my own motorhome are over.  I don’t have the upper body strength anymore and the last time I tried, I was sore for days.  So I am always on the lookout for a good service that comes to your site and does a good job at a reasonable price.

Since the business is located in Arizona, I included it in this state pages, but I was staying at Needles Marina RV Park in California when I used their services.  They are the only service allowed to wash RVs at the sites in that park because they are fully licensed and bonded (in three states – Arizona, California, Nevada).  Bullhead City, Arizona is only about 20 miles from Needles, and Laughlin, NV is just a few miles up and on the other side of the Colorado River from there, so I’ll include their info in all three states’ pages.  For RVers in their service area, here’s a great service!

River Sun - Cheryl RV

I first met Dave when he was washing and waxing my friend Cheryl’s RV.  I was amazed at what a tremendous difference it made and how shiny it came out.  I was also pretty impressed that they wax by hand!

River Sun - roof wash

My motorhome had really gathered the dust in the desert environment I’d been in for the last few weeks.  Due to their insurance liability, they won’t remove vents or unscrew anything, but I really appreciated the fact that he wiped out the inside vent covers from the roof when I opened them.  I just can’t get up there anymore and I could see a lot of dirt and even a little mold (from the constant Oregon moisture I’d been in before the desert) on the inside covers when I open them, but there is no way to clean them from inside.

River Sun - 3 man crew

They had a three man crew today and it was cool to watch them work in such sync – wet, then wash, then rinse, then dry.  They say it’s best to work fast in this desert heat and I can see why.  They use their own tank with soft water to stop spotting, and dry with squeegee and towels immediately.

River Sun - front wash

bug-splatteredOf course the front is always the biggest job due to splattered bug guts.  I appreciated the extra attention they paid here and without scratching the finish in any way.

River Sun - windshield

I love starting a new trip with a sparkling clean windshield!

River Sun - windshield dry

The last pass is always the windows washed and dried for streak-free finish.  James, on the ladder, is fulltime with River Sun, and Sunny was just helping out for the day since they had a wash/wax job before mine.  I just needed a wash at this point, but the two friends who had him wax theirs were really happy with the results.

River Sun - tire protection

Another nice finishing touch – Armor All Tire Foam Tire Protection.

River Sun - all clean

Totally clean again!  I think I lost 10 pounds of dust in the process!


Dave has been in this business for 16 years, and besides RVs, they also steam clean gas station parking lots and pumps and do truck fleets as well.

They don’t have a website, but basically their pricing is $2.00/foot for washing only and a base cost of $265 for hand wax, depending on length, height and degree of oxidation.

I was completely satisfied with the job they did and don’t hesitate to recommend them.  Give Dave a call at 928-219-0574 and tell him Malia said hi!

Transparency:  As stated openly on the Home page, I do try to barter whenever possible for review space on my website. It’s one of the ways that help support my travel habit and keeps this site free to readers. But I always make it clear that my reviews are my honest opinion, can never be bought at any price and if I wasn’t satisfied, I would also state that (just like I do Pros and Cons on every campground I review, whether it’s bartered or not). Dave agreed to do the wash on these terms.  I don’t always ask for this kind of deal because it takes time and effort to do these reviews and sometimes it’s easier and less time consuming to just pay for the service. But when I come across what I consider exceptional deals like this, I want to share.

  • AuntLordy

    What an innovative business! It looks great 🙂

    • Hey, thanks for your comment. I had another email come in at the same time saying they didn’t appreciate spam, so they unsubscribed. I was surprised because I would never spam and I thought that sharing this kind of information with other RVers was relevant since I have a hard time getting my RV washed at a reasonable price sometimes. Oh well, I guess he can still wash his own RV, unlike me anymore. 😉

      • AuntLordy

        I think it’s an awesome concept. I would def want to know about a business like this, and I appreciate that you would take the time to share this info 🙂

        • And I appreciate your taking the time to comment to let me know. 😉

  • Brenda Adcock

    I think whoever the person was who griped about “spam” has his/her own issues. I love the description of the business. It helps me if I decided to have someone do the same thing. Thanks!

    • Thanks, Brenda – I appreciate your comment and support!

  • Cheryl Robbins

    Hi Malia! Boy, I didn’t recognize the photo of my Coachman at first. Can’t believe how clean they got it. I had Dave and Crew wash and wax my rv while in Needles, too, and I was very pleased with the job they did. I would definitely recommend them for anyone in that area that needs their rig washed. And they came to us, which was a big plus for me.

    • I agree, Cheryl – it’s always fun to watch our rolling homes transform from grungy to shiny! I’ve had my motorhome washed a bunch of times through the years, but this service was one of the best and most reasonably priced, too.

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