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Rancho Sedona - Hilltop site

Rancho Sedona – Hilltop site

I wanted to spend as much time as possible exploring the beauty of the Sedona area, so I was looking for monthly rates for the best deal.  I ended up staying from June – September, 2016 and most of that time I was parked about 18 miles away at Rio Verde RV Park in Cottonwood (after a brief stay at Dead Horse Ranch State Park in May).  I’ll write more about Cottonwood RV parks later, but the following is info on the parks closest to Sedona.

Unfortunately, if you’re looking for a full service park with all hookups, the pickings are mighty slim for such a popular destination.  I’ve heard that’s because the zoning restrictions in the area are some of the toughest in the nation and that no new RV parks will be permitted.

I’ll include info below in the order of distance from the center of Sedona.

Rancho Sedona RV Park

135 Bear Wallow Lane  ♦  Sedona, AZ
888-641-4261  ♦
Site Map & Rates

Rancho Sedona - entry

Entrance to Rancho Sedona with office ahead

Rancho Sedona is by far the nicest RV park in the area.  The park sits on beautiful Oak Creek and is shaded by huge sycamore and cottonwood trees, but still in town and within walking distance of Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village, a totally cool place. Even though I don’t usually care for shopping centers, this is a unique experience amid gorgeous surroundings.  See my Sedona Trolley Tour for more info.  Reviews from other RVers:

Rancho Sedona - creekside sites

Creekside Sites (Purple section)

While they have monthly rates ($650 + electric), when I called they said these sites are usually booked a year in advance.  Also, nothing larger than 33′ can fit in these sites.  See Rate Sheet for details on the different loops.  Some have full hookups and some water and electric only. Their nightly rates for an RV my size (35′) would have been $57.60 minimum, which is way beyond what I usually do, but I was willing to do it for 3 nights just to be so close in to Sedona.  But they never had anything available during the month of October when I was calling.  So again, if you want to stay here, plan ahead and make reservations as soon as you can.

Rancho Sedona - Sites 78-79

This section on Oak Creek is the only one suitable for big rigs

Due to how heavily shaded it is, there may be some sites where you can eek out a satellite TV signal, but it would probably be pretty tough if you have a rooftop system.

The Hilltop Site pictured at the top of this page is definitely the most deluxe digs.  I sure would love to spend some time there!

Oak Creek Mobilodge

1156 SR 179  ♦  Sedona, AZ

Oak Creek Mobilodge - 1

I sure wished this park looked more like the pictures on their website because the location is so great.  But when I went and checked it out, I basically decided I wouldn’t feel comfortable staying here.

Oak Creek Mobilodge - 2

Even though they say they have some big rig sites, I didn’t see any I thought I’d even fit into comfortably with my 35′ motorhome.

Oak Creek Mobilodge - 3

With the way cars were parked and streets curved, I bet it gets pretty tight to get around sometimes.

Oak Creek Mobilodge - 4

And I’m not at all a hoity-toity type person who wants fancy resort amenities, but I just thought the whole look and feel of the place felt confining and depressing.

With as few RV sites as there are around here, it would sure be nice if they replaced some of the older, more run down structures with some decent RV spots.  Reviews from other RVers:

The next parks are not in Sedona, but at about 13 miles away, they are closer than the ones in Cottonwood at about 18 miles away (which I will cover next).

Lo Lo Mai Springs

11505 E. Lo Lo Mai Rd.  ♦   Cornville, AZ
928-634-4309  ♦
Site MapRates

This park is about 13 miles from Sedona off of 89A between Cottonwood and Sedona.  It’s a nice park on scenic Oak Creek and also has a pool & Jacuzzi.

Lo Lo Mai Springs sign

Tranquil Lo Lo Mai Springs

Sign: Lo Lo Mai Springs has been home to the Native Americans of Central America for centuries. It lies above an ancient aquifer, a stratum of earth or porous rock that contains water. The springs flow year-round at approximately 365 gallons per minute, at 63 degrees F.  This water nourishes the giant cottonwoods, sycamores and evergreens and the area is home to many birds and animals. (No swimming or fishing.)

Lo Lo Mai - creekside sites

Sites along Oak Creek

I really liked the way it looked here, but for as long as I wanted to stay, not having good cell phone or internet access was a deal breaker for me.  See below for details.

Lo Lo Mai - two lanes

Two lanes of RV sites

The park looked really nicely maintained and beautifully landscaped.

Lo Lo Mai - big rigs

Big rigs section across the road from Oak Creek

Reviews from other RVers:

12/28/16:  I spoke to someone at the office there about cell phone and internet service here.  She said they do have a booster for Verizon, but service is still pretty spotty and it depends on what kind of device – some work better than others and sometimes you can just get messages and voice mail, but can’t make or receive calls.

They do offer free wi-fi, but she said it depends on how busy they are as to how well it works. There are some sites that can receive it, but basically it works best at office.   She said people she’s talked to said their Verizon Jetpacks didn’t work for internet access here.

There is no cable TV and very limited antennae reception, but they offer free DVD borrowing.

As for monthly rates, they only offer those in part of December, January and February; otherwise it’s just nightly rates.

Page Springs RV Resort

1951 N. Page Springs Road  ♦  Cornville, AZ

Page Springs Resort

Picture from their website

This park is about a mile farther down the road from Lo Lo Mai Springs. I didn’t go there because it’s a membership park and when I called, I was told they don’t offer monthly deals at all.  But when I was doing this page to include link, I noticed it said no membership is required now and to contact them for monthly rate info.

So I spoke to the manager, Diane, and she explained that although they are a private membership park (Sunrise Resorts), they do allow non-members to rent sites on a daily basis if they have space available and you must call for reservations. They don’t offer monthly rates at this time.

Cell phone, internet and TV reception is the same as Lo Lo Mai (pretty much non-existent except some spotty Verizon access).

Reviews from other RVers: 2016 – We did not have a Verizon data connection but did have cell phone service.  I saw complaints here about an additional $3/day “resort fee” and Diane explained that is only applied to people with reciprocal memberships like Coast to Coast or Thousand Trails; it does not apply to regular nightly rates.

Sedona Pines Resort

6701 W. Highway 89A  ♦  Sedona, AZ

sedona pines signThis is not really an RV park, but I’m including info because I could see RVs parked here whenever I’d pass by on the way to Sedona from Cottonwood (about 7 miles from Sedona) and since I wondered what the deal was, I thought you might, too.

It’s a Resorts Condominium International (RCI) timeshare where you buy time in one of their casitas or condos.  They don’t rent RV spots to non-owners, but they allow owners 2 weeks a month in an RV spot that doesn’t count toward their timeshare time.

RV Park at the Sedona Pines Resort
Sedona Pines Resort

See Boondocking near Sedona for more rustic, no hookup options on Coconino National Forest public lands.


















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