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Me looking out at Courthouse Butte and Bell Rock from Airport Mesa Vortex

I’m just getting around to writing about it, but I spent the months of June through September, 2016 in the Sedona area.  During this time, I stayed at Rio Verde RV Park in Cottonwood, which is about 18 miles south of Sedona. The only real RV park in Sedona itself is Rancho Sedona and that was just way too pricey for my budget – not to mention the fact that it’s booked solid much of the time. I’ll share info on RV parks I checked out there and in Cottonwood at some point.

Sedona is well known as a place with a definite spiritual vibe and I certainly can’t argue with that.  It was one of the biggest attractions for me.  I don’t know how to explain how those red rocks affected me, but I know that every single time I made that drive to get there, as soon as those spires came into view, I could not contain the smile that spread across my face.

I felt like I was being invited into a magic land where you could feel the supernatural qualities because there’s nothing that man could have built that could rival it.

I read that the Anasazi (Ancient Ones) did not actually live in Sedona itself because it was just too powerful and considered too sacred – they came here for spiritual purposes, like a vision quest.  I also heard that some people come here and just can’t handle the energy and leave rather quickly.  As for me, I really felt at home there and I laughed and told friends that one of the things I loved the most about being there was that I could be as “woo-woo” as I wanted to be and I was still never the most woo-woo person around. 

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Cathedral Rock Bell Rock
Courthouse Butte Boondocking near Sedona
Sedona Museum Medicine Wheels – Labyrinths
Oak Creek Canyon Tlaquepaque
Red Rock Loop Red Rock Scenic Hwy (SR 179)
Crescent Moon Ranch at Red Rock Crossing (Buddha Beach) Vortex (Airport Mesa)
Amitabha Stupa V Bar V Ranch Petroglyphs
Montezuma Well Montezuma’s Castle
Schnebly Road Miscellaneous Attractions


Sedona flag stickerLinks with Sedona Info:

Chamber of CommerceVisitors Guide

Visit Sedona (official Tourism Bureau)

Gateway to Sedona  ♦ Day Hiking SedonaAll TrailsSacred Places of SedonaRed Rock Country ♦ Red Rock Scenic Highway


Sedona Vortex symbolSedona Vortex Information:

A vortex is a place, usually on or near an interesting rock formation, where people have reported feeling inspired by a beneficial source of energy. If you’re skeptical, that’s okay – looking for vortexes (vortices?) is still a fun excuse for a hike. (Gateway to Sedona)

Sedona Psychic Angel Lightfeather Answers Questions About the Sedona Vortex – The most common question is “Where are the vortexes?” The answer is that all of Sedona is a vortex. You have to drive about 300 miles in any direction to totally get out of the vortex energy. Just imagine that the further away from Sedona you travel the less intense the energy.  The twisted bark of the juniper trees is amazing in the area of the vortexes. So, whenever you see twisted juniper trees that is physical evidence of vortex energy affecting nature. (Continues with info on some of the better known ones: Bell Rock, Chapel of the Holy Cross, Boynton Canyon, Courthouse Butte, Airport Mesa, Cathedral Rock, Schnebly Hill.)

Sedona Vortex Sites – I bought the Kindle version of the Sedona Vortex Hunting eBook from Amazon listed at the top, but under that is lots of free info on all the vortexes in Sedona.

Famous Vortexes (Call of Sedona) – Even though the whole Seodona area is a vortex, there are most well known four spots where you can connect with the energy here: Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock, Airport Mesa, and Boynton Canyon.

The Sedona Vortex – Real or Imagined (Gateway to Sedona) – Maps to each Sedona Vortex provided here.  Even if you don’t feel a physical sensation when you visit a Sedona vortex, you won’t be able to deny the uplifting, awe-inspiring vistas everywhere before you.

Have You Ever Heard of An Energy Vortex? (Visit Sedona)  – There are different sorts of energies located at each, and therefore different reasons for visiting.  A really cool external feature you can also find in all the vortex sites in Sedona are the twisted Juniper trees  in and around the area. Apparently, the strong energy swirling around these sites confuses the trees’ growth, and the result is a twisted pattern.

Sedona Sacred Sites / Vortex

Sedona Vortex Map ( – Although the Sedona area has many hiking trails that only a vigorous hiker can enjoy, the vortexes are all easily accessible, and no strenuous hiking is required to get to any of them.

Sedona Vortex Guide (Wild Sedona) – Includes Spaceship Rock and Munds Trail








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