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Saturday Night Starlight Rides

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June 10, 2017:  I enjoyed my ride on the Verde Canyon Railroad so much last year, that when I returned to the Sedona area again, I was happy to see this starlight ride option. You are able to see dramatic scenery by rail in daylight, sunset and starlight conditions. What more could you ask for? Well, the big bonus for me this time around was that it was also during the full moon. Talk about great timing!


It was also great that my friends, Mary & Steve Betcher could join me. It’s always fun to share these kind of times with friends who enjoy the same kind of activities. Here’s Mary as we’re getting ready to leave the station – with champagne service, yet!


After the train departs the depot, you can order drinks and they serve little sandwiches and snacks in first class section.


But the views are first class no matter where you sit!


But we all liked the option of being able to be outside, too.


The turnaround point for the train is in Perkinsville. It’s neat to watch the locomotive come around to the front of the caboose for the return trip. Now we head back waiting on the moon and star show!


It’s really cool to see the train stretched out in front of you like previews of coming attractions.


This is the Abe Lincoln profile – do you see him?


The colors of the canyon toward the end of the day are so dramatic and the clouds added even more interest!


More dramatic colors and perspectives of the ever changing formations.


Mary and I both spent a lot of time in the outside cars taking pictures. I love this shot of her with the mountain and surrounding clouds.


Sunset colors were certainly dramatic and striking!


Locomotive headlamp lights up the canyon on the way back


I was bummed that I never got one decent shot of the full moon, so I’m grateful that Mary got this one with her phone. I think even a professional photographer with high grade equipment couldn’t really capture the true sights experienced on this wonderful ride, so you should just go see for yourself. If you have any comments from your own experience, feel fee to share in Comments below – I’d love to hear from you!

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