Foothills of Yuma, AZ

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December, 2005 – I was surprised to learn when I arrived in Yuma that this desert city is the third fastest growing area in the United States. It’s also a place where you’ll see RVs around every corner – definitely an RV friendly place! The Foothills is an area designed with RVs in mind. Many people in different areas with RVs have problems with neighborhood zoning regulations not allowing them to park the RVs by their homes. This neighborhood is built around the concept that the two go well together with no conflict between the real estate and the wheel estate.


Here’s a street scene looking east toward the foothills ringing the area. The streets are all paved with sidewalks and most homes have fences made from Mexican brick. Most lots consist of gravel “yards” laid over the sand.

Yuma Foothills-house-1

Some lots contain homes with covered RV-ports next to it.

Yuma Foothills-house-2

This house has an open air deck on top perfect for watching those glorious desert sunsets.

Yuma Foothills-house-3

This lot holds a small house with two full hookup RV sites on either side.

Yuma Foothills-Ratliffs

A nice couple, Jim and Dorothy Ratliff, who retired here from Edmonds, WA enjoy the best of both worlds. It was always a pleasure to walk around and visit with the friendly neighbors in this area.

Yuma Foothills - Tynans

Many lots that contain only the RV hookups have been improved with small storage buildings containing washer/dryer units. This was my home in Yuma on the lot of my friends, Pat & Mel Tynan. They are happy with their investment, especially after finding out it has doubled in value over the past year!

directionsThe above photos were taken in the Foothills area located as follows:
When heading east on I-8, take Exit 14 and go right (south) on S. Foothills Blvd. for about 2 miles. Turn right on 47th Street (by Mini-Mart). The neighborhood begins to the right with named and numbered streets. It was a bit confusing to me at first, because there’s 47th Street next to 47th Lane, next to 47th Drive, then you get the Boulevards and the 1/2 streets added to the mix.

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