Garvan Woodland Gardens

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550 Arkridge Rd.; Hot Springs, AR 71913
(501) 262-9300 or (800) 366-4664


I was here in September, 2006 and I’d love to see this garden in every season.  Click here for what’s in bloom when.

Garvan Woodland Gardens is the love child of Verna Garvan, whose father bought the land in the 1920s for its timber.  Verna had a more romantic vision for the 210 acres left to her and in the 1950s began plotting out her dream garden.  Surrounded by the woodlands of the Ouachita Mountains and the sparkling Lake Hamilton, she wanted to showcase the natural beauty of Arkansas.  In 1985, she made an agreement with the University of Arkansas to operate the Gardens as a service to the people of Arkansas.  Major development didn’t begin until 2000 and it’s amazing to me that so much has been done in such a short time.


The paths are perfect places to stroll and savor the peaceful surroundings.


I especially appreciated how you could take little spur paths and get down to stream level.

Garvan - Moon Bridge

The Chinese Full Moon Bridge was one of my favorite spots. It’s found in the Garden of the Pine Wind with over 300 varieties of Asian ornamental plants and 60 types of Japanese maple trees.


Koi add a touch of color to this tranquil pond.


From every vantage point, there’s something else to ooh and ahh over.

Garvan - Bonsai

I’ve always been fascinated with the art of Bonsai, so found this little garden most enjoyable.

two-centsMalia’s 2 Cents:  Beautiful blossoms, pleasing to the eyes and senses, trickling streams, cascading waterfalls, colorful koi gliding through the ponds, sweet sounds of songbirds and tapping woodpeckers – definitely a day well spent!  Be sure to bring along some binoculars for the Birdsong Trail through the Woodland Nature Preserve for closer viewing of the more than 70 species of birds with homes here.

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