Lake Catherine State Park – Campground

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My visit:  September, 2006 Park Brochure and Campground Map

There are a total of 70 sites, all with water & electric, but no sewer hookups. There’s one dump station located across from Area C.

Catherine - B-27

Site B-27

Area B has 42 sites, 10 that are classified as Premium Lakefront – this is one of them.

Catherine - C loop

Area C has 15 sites, 6 classified as Premium Lakefront. This is the entrance to the area – lake is on the left.

Catherine - Site A3

Site A-3

Area A has 13 sites, all heavily wooded and across the road from the lake, so no views of it.  If you really like the feel of getting away from it all, here’s the loop for you.

Catherine - VC view

View of the marina from the Visitors Center. There are several nice picnic tables, a covered pavilion and a 1930’s nature cabin here, also.

Catherine - power plant

The power plant across the lake can be seen (and sometimes heard) from both Areas B & C. But no sense in griping about it, because it’s the reason Lake Catherine is here for us to enjoy.

The lake was created in 1924 and is the oldest hydro-electric lake of any size in Arkansas. In 1935, Harvey Couch, the founder of Arkansas Power and Light, “sold” 2,000 acres to the State of Arkansas for a whole dollar bill – the lake is named for his daughter.  It became a state park two years later with the help of the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps).  The History of the Lake is pretty interesting reading.

General Campground Info:

Comparing Areas B & C:  Both have great lakefront sites really close to the water. The hiking trailhead is at the end of Area C, and I liked that.  One thing about Area C is that it’s down a dead end road with a loop at the end. For lakeside sites, you have to go to the end and turn around to be facing the right way to back in – on the forest side, you’d have to do the same to get out. The turnaround is do-able, but not overly large, so if someone in one of those end sites is parked a bit into the street, it could be a problem for people like me towing a car who can’t backup. So check that part out – you should unhook your tow before entering the drive.

The campsites were set out in 1970, and apparently it was usual then to have the water on the opposite side of the electrical hookups. So the water hookups are at the front of each site – and on the wrong side of the RV – so make sure you have a long hose with you.

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