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My visit:  September, 2006

There are a total of 66 sites for RVers, and 24 tents-only sites.  More details below.

Ouachita - A13

A Loop – Site 13: This looks like the best site in the loop to me – it’s really spacious and is just up a short trip from the water (barely seen here to the left). The Tilton family I met here agree – see their remarks in Camper Comments.  Due to the direction the DirecTV satellite must be pointed here, I don’t think you can get reception due to the trees.

Ouachita - Lake access

One of the things they mentioned that they really liked was the easy access to the water, for both people and boats.  This spot is right below their campsite and just across the road from mine.

Ouachita - A14

A Loop – Site 14:  This was my home for Labor Day Weekend – I really liked the spaciousness of the sites and the only problem I had was with the noise coming from the exhaust fan at the bathhouse to the right. I wish they could come up with something quieter, but I suppose that helps keep the bathhouses fresh smelling – they sure were clean!  I met Sue, head of housekeeping, and I could tell she was serious about doing her job and doing it well.

Ouachita - Lake view

The view right across the street from my site made up for a lot, though.  My Verizon aircard and cell phone worked from this site, but the trees prevented getting a DirecTV satellite signal. When  Deborah at the Visitor’s Center told me that she knew for sure site #80 in Area C got satellite reception, I decided to move there – it gave me the chance to see the park from another perspective, anyway.

Ouachita - C80

Area C – Site 80: I liked this site and did get the best TV reception ever – only trade off was that the 1/2 mile move down the hill took me out of cell phone and aircard range.  One of those – “I shoulda checked that out first” kinda things.   As a working fulltimer, I need internet access for client work and I sure enjoy my TV at night.  So I took my trusty compass back to Area A and found the perfect site for me, vacant by now. You’ll see it below. This area is also neat because some had decks by the sites. See Camper Comments for a pic of that site view (#79).

Ouachita - A26

Area A – Site 26: Here I had it all – a lovely yard in the woods with a hole in the trees in just the right spot so I could get satellite TV, as well as internet access and cell phone service.  I could still see the water sparkling through the trees and it was a short walk down to the lake. All in all, I liked Area A the best – not only because of the 50 amps and full hookups, but I liked the way the sites were situated better. They’re laid out in such a way that you’re not looking directly at your neighbor, like you see below in Area D.

Ouachita - D1

Area D – Sites 92 & 93: That’s the full service marina you see through the two sites. There is a variety of watercraft you can rent here during your stay. Don’t miss the Sunset Cruise – see Activities for booking.

General camping info and rates hereSee map for park and sites layout.

Area A – 40 sites, all with full hookups and 50 amps. This loop just recently opened after being totally redesigned.

Area B – 24 sites for tenters, no hookups.

Area C – 13 sites, all with water & 30 amps at the site, but no sewer hookups. Some lakefront and some woodsy views.

Area D – 13 sites with same amenities as Area C. Only site #93 is classified as lakefront.

two-centsMalia’s 2 cents: The most frequently heard feedback from the other campers I met while here is that they appreciated the clean waters of Lake Ouachita where there’s room for everything you could ever want to do water-wise, the organized fun activities, and the spaciousness of the campsites. My experience here made me agree with all of this and more – all of the staff here were extremely friendly and helpful, especially Lee Howard, the park superintendent – and the fine fellow campers I met here were an added perk!

Since I am a fulltime RVer and not just a weekend camper, I include information on satellite TV reception and internet access, cell phone reception, but these things can change with time, so be sure to check with the campground for the latest information.

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