Lake Ouachita Sunset Cruise

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Ouachita cruise - Point 50

This is the best way to view Lake Ouachita – being out on the water instills a sense of wonder at the vastness of this manmade lake – 40,000 acres of sparkling clean water completely surrounded by the greenery of the Ouachita National Forest.

The lake is so immense that there are markers to guide boaters around the outstretched fingers and inlets. This is Point 50 Peninsula that can also be reached by land by hiking the Caddo Bend Trail – a 4 mile trek that meanders through the forests and along the shoreline.

Ouachita cruise - skiing

Water skiers enjoy the 80° water temperature on this Labor Day holiday.

One of the reasons this lake remains so clear and pristine is no houses are allowed to be built along its 975 miles of shoreline. There are just 8 homes that have been “grandfathered” in and allowed to remain – what lucky folks to have this kind of view virtually to themselves.

Ouachita cruise - Crawdad Island

Crawdad Island – One of the most popular primitive camping sites that used to be a mountaintop before the river was dammed to create the lake. Lake Ouachita is one of very few in the nation where the Corp of Engineers allows camping on island shores – just pull up your boat and enjoy! No fee or permission required, but stays are limited to two weeks and you must bring and pack out everything you’re gonna need for this rustic but beautiful experience.

Ouachita cruise view

Another gorgeous view of the shoreline to enjoy from the water.

Ouachita cruise - captain

Our captain, Lydell Lively, shared his navigation duties with the kids on board, to their delight and fascination. He’s been exploring Lake Ouachita for over 30 years and has been working with the park for 2 years. He says he never has a problem coming to work in the mornings, and he obviously enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience of this special place.

Ouachita cruise sunset

What sunset cruise would be complete without a breathtaking sunset? This one did not disappoint any of us! Book your cruise at the Visitors Center – it is worth every penny!  Check out the park pages for Lake Activities and Marina Services.

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