Village Creek State Park

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201 County Road 754; Wynne, AR 72396
870-238-9406 ♦ Website

September, 2006 – Village Creek State Park was the last Arkansas state park I stopped at on my way to South Carolina to visit family and I’m so glad I didn’t miss this one!

Crowley’s Ridge is a thin strip of land left behind after the erosion caused by the ancient power of rivers and streams.  It’s the only geologic formation of its kind in the U.S. with properties so unique that trees and wildlife exist here and nowhere else in Arkansas.

Be sure to see the two short features at the Visitor’s Center on Crowley’s Ridge and the History of Village Creek State Park. They are both beautifully done and will help in your appreciation of this special park – a perfect place to “seek beauty, solitude and adventure.”

Village Creek - Ramp 1

This park is situated between two scenic lakes, Lake Austell and Lake Dunn, both about 80 acres in size. Here’s a scene from the Lake Austell boat ramp.

Village Creek - Lake Dunn Ramp

Lake Dunn boat launch – the light colored space in the inlet to the left is the swim beach in Area B shown in the Campground page.

Village Creek - Lake Dunn Trail

One of the entries to the Lake Dunn Trail. There are five trails within the park of varying lengths and degrees of difficulty.

Grocery shopping, restaurants, propane, Super Wal-Mart, etc. can be found in Wynne, about 7 miles from the park.

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