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Many who have dreamed about the freedom and adventure of fulltime RVing have been interviewed about their experiences and perspectives as they discovered the reality of life on the road.  Here I share other people’s articles I found interesting and informative.  If you have any you would like to be included here, I’d love to hear about them in Comments below.  Articles I wrote about my own adventures are on this page.

A Woman and Her Winnebago I shared some of the benefits and adventures I’ve found in solo RVing in my motorhome.
Eight Years as a Full Time RVer – A Letter Back to Myself Then A letter Cherie would write to her 2007 self when she set off on the fulltime RVing lifestyle:  “You’re about to set off on an amazing adventure. You may have some preconceived notions of what it’ll be like. To make it a little easier for you, here’s some tips from the future.”  She shares very interesting observations that should be considered when contemplating this decision.
Is Full-time RV Living for You? Full-time RV living is a dream for many and a mystery for some. People wonder if full-time life on the road, in an RV, is for them.
Feeling Safe While Traveling Full Time I appreciated Cherie and Chris’ common sense but “don’t let it stop you” attitude about this issue that so many are concerned about. Take reasonable precautions and understand that life itself anywhere comes with risks. I like her proposed redefinition of safety: “Instead of expecting that bad things won’t happen – safety is trusting that I have the ability, capacity and courage to deal with the bad stuff when it happens.”
Top 10 Things to Know About Full-timing What Becky Schade (Interstellar Orchard) has learned about the lifestyle, including preparing to hit the road and actually being on the road.
Living the Dream Life as a Full-Time RVer Outdoor Hub interviewed me about “leaving home, job and family behind to see every corner of North America as it suits her fancy.”
Realities of Living & Traveling in a RV Full Time Technomadia’s Chris Dunphy & Cherie Ve Ard have happily been on the road fulltiming since 2006. Here they share their perspective with a friend contemplating the lifestyle. While supportive of their enthusiasm, they also wanted to set their expectations to realistic.
The Darker Side Of FullTime RVing? Written by a fulltimer who is mostly a positive thinker, but shares realistic 5 Thoughts To Ponder Before Making The Leap to be better prepared for this major lifestyle change. (Wheeling It)
Tips for Avoiding Costly Mistakes When Becoming a Fulltime RVer After selling the house, car and a lot of junk, this couple who went fulltime thought they were ready to finally hit the road.  Here they share what they learned in hopes of helping others avoid some of the pitfalls they experienced.
What Is Full-Timing & Who Are Full-Timers? Fulltimers Howard and Linda Payne provide some insight into the full-timing lifestyle, sharing what it is and what it is not.
Financial Expenses of First Four Years Laura-n-Sasha explain how they went from a sticks & brick home to fulltime RVing. When people ask them how in the world they manage their lifestyle, they show where the money went during their first four years (2007-2010).


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