Julian Price Park & Campground

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Milepost 297 – Blue Ridge Parkway

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This is the largest campground on the Parkway with 68 RV sites. The site map shows there are 6 loops and none are marked for tents only.  There’s one dump station near the check-in point.


Me in Site A-35

My visit:  June, 2007 – Loop A (35 sites) is the only one with some sites along Price Lake and easy access to lakeside trails. It is across the parkway from the other loops and from where you check in. I opted for Loop A because I wanted easy access to Price Lake. This loop is mostly shady, but there are a few sites on the meadow that are open and sunny.

It was woodsy enough that I didn’t even try for satellite TV, but Verizon cell phone and air card worked fine here.


Loop B

It seemed to me that Loops B, C & D had the smallest sites and all I saw there were tent campers.


Loop E

Loops E & F are limited to RVs. Loop E was the smallest (16 sites) and the most sunny and out in the open.


Loop F

Loop F has total of 46 sites and was a lot more woodsy. Picture shows a pull-through on the right (F6) and a back-in across the street (F7). I think the pull-throughs here are pretty narrow, especially for being right on the road.

Julian Price Lake

Price Lake was quite tranquil and beautifully decorated with trees, too. No swimming or motorboats are allowed, but I saw some people in kayaks that made me jealous. I also wish the pictures showed better how beautiful the rhododendrons were here. Large bushes  just covered with the light pink blooms.

Price Lake - Fall

Being able to be in this spot in two seasons was especially wonderful. As a southern gal, I’m used to rhododendron and mountain laurel, but fall colors are always thrilling to me since it wasn’t something I ever saw until I was an adult.


Doesn’t my mom look so happy to be here among the mountain laurel? She’s about the only other person I know to love flowers and trees as much as I do. She taught me to be a tree hugger from childhood and the sight of these kind of flowery bushes can bring us both to tears of joy.

Going back through these memories now make me a bit melancholy and miss my mom more, but also make me incredibly grateful I had these times with her.  It was here that my mom told me she had a brush with angels, and I loved her story and excitement so much, I’m going to include that story that I wrote back then here:

dimeDime from an Angel

Whenever there were things I wanted to do that she couldn’t manage, she was happy to stay in the RV and read or sit outside enjoying the views. So we were at a pulloff and I wanted to walk up the road a little ways because there was a bridge you could view. She stayed in the motorhome, but when she wanted to get something out of the car, she used the key to unlock it instead of the remote which is the way I lock it. This makes the car think someone is trying to break in, so it starts sounding the horn alarm. She didn’t know how to stop it and when a couple pulled over, she explained the dilemma. He asked if I had taken the remote and at first she didn’t even know what he was talking about, but when she showed him what she had, he took the remote and pressed the button to stop the horn. She told him “I feel like a perfect idiot – I don’t know what I would have done if I would have had to listen to that noise until she came back!” She profusely thanked him while he reached in his pocket and handed her a dime. He replied, “It’s our pleasure – I want to give you this for letting us help you.” My mom was flabbergasted and said “Why are you paying me for your helping me???” He replied, “It’s just a little thing to help you remember to pass it along.” I think this just blew her mind, but when they later returned from their walk, she thanked him again and laughingly said, “I’ve never heard of anyone doing what you did, but you’re not getting your dime back – I’m going to keep it to remember your kindness.” He laughed and said that was OK and that he wouldn’t have taken it back anyway, but he did hope she would pass along the kindness. She was so excited when she told me this story and she made sure she kept that dime separate so she’d never forget. Isn’t that just great?

She told that story so many times after she got back home and she always had the dime around. When her dementia and memory got worse, she remembered the story but at one point, she couldn’t find the dime. She was pretty upset about it, so I finally got another dime and put it on her vanity and showed it to her, saying it was the one. She was very happy to have her angel dime back. And I think I can be forgiven that little white lie for this cause.

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It’s all about sharing what we know with other RVers, so if you have anything to add about your stay on the Parkway, I’d love to hear from you in Comments below!

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