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Mileposts 400's

(heading North)
June 19, 2007

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Parkway Index

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Page 1 (MPs 400s)
Smokemont Campground
  Waterrock Knob
  Mount Pisgah CG

Page 2 (MPs 390-340)
  Asheville, NC
     Asheville KOA East
     Biltmore Estate
     Chimney Rock
  Craggy Gardens
  Crabtree Meadows CG

Page 3 (MPs 316-304)
  Linville Falls CG
  Grandfather CG
  Grandfather Mountain

  Linn Cove Viaduct

Page 4 (MPs 297-294)
  Julian Price CG
  Moses Cone Park

Page 5 (MP 292 exit)
  KOA Boone
  Village of Blowing Rock
  Blowing Rock Attraction
  Mast General Store

Page 6 (MPs 291-190)
  West Jefferson
  Church of the Frescoes
  Virginia Creeper Trail

Page 7 (MPs 217-176)
  Puckett Cabin
  Meadows of Dan CG
  Mabry Mill
  Mayberry Campground
  Mount Airy
  Pilot Mt. State Park

Page 8 (MPs 169-61)
  Rocky Knob CG
  Roanoke Mountain CG
  Virginia's Explore Park
  Peaks of Otter CG
  Otter Creek CG

Page 9 (MP 62)
  KOA Natural Bridge
  Jellystone Natural Bridge
  Natural Bridge

Page 10 (MPs 45-0)
  Chimney Rock
  20 Minute Cliff
  Humpback Rocks

  Shenandoah NP
(MP 0!)

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Virginia Index


Note: Low clearance tunnels (10'6" to 11'3") are on 3 mile stretch from mileposts 461-458. See Parkway Tunnel Clearance page. Explore that part in toad. When leaving in motorhome, go south to Hwy. 19 for the 9 mile stretch that meets up with the parkway at Soco Gap. Other than these, I never found anyplace that wasn't comfortable doing in my 36' motorhome and any pull-offs that are not suitable for RVs are marked on the signs.
The very start of our tour of the Parkway didn't start out especially cool since the A/C in the motorhome went out with temps in the 90's as we were leaving Georgia. I decided to head straight to Asheville to get it fixed. This cut out my planned stays at Smokemont Campground and Mount Pisgah, though. But after getting the A/C repaired and settling in to the KOA Asheville East, we drove the car back to the first milepost because I was determined that we were gonna see the Parkway all the way from one end to the other! It officially runs 469 miles between Shenandoah and Great Smoky Mountains National Parks. The zero milepost marker is south of Shenandoah National Park (VA). Each mile is numbered progressively toward the south end at the Great Smoky Mountains National Park (NC). Stay tuned for Milepost 1 and everything along the way!
Mile-post Attraction

Great Smoky Mountains National Park Campgrounds

Smokemont Campground Site Map (details on the 5 campground loops)
This is in Area D where generators are allowed to be used except during quiet hours. Tents are allowed here, too. It was definitely more wooded than Area F for RVs only. Note for those who must keep in touch: I was told there's no cell towers nearby, so no cell phone service or air card for internet access anywhere in the park.
Area F is is just for RVs. I met two friendly couples here at site F40 enjoying their annual get together. The Dunsons from Florida and the Caudills from Ohio said they really enjoy the beauty here and dark, quiet nights, the cooler weather and having a trout stream as their back yard.
451 Waterock Knob - Panorama of the Great Smokies, visitor center, trail
This was taken from the back of the visitor's center. Just a bit down the road, the clouds crossed our path and we got a kick out of sticking our hands through the window and touching the clouds!
Mount Pisgah Campground (828) 456-8829
  70 RV sites. Highest, coolest and most secluded CG on Parkway. A granite rock base forms a bowl in this gap, so there is little run-off and the area remains wet creating the 85-acre Flat Laurel Gap Bog. Numerous hiking trails from here to beautiful scenery.
The main problem I saw here is that the sites are all right on the road through the CG and many (like this pullthrough A-18) are on an incline. Some are even worse and looked like it would be pretty hard to level up on.
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