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From Asheville, NC to Crabtree Meadows CG

Mileposts 390 - 340

(heading North)

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Parkway Index

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Page 1 (MPs 400s)
Smokemont Campground
  Waterrock Knob
  Mount Pisgah CG

Page 2 (MPs 390-340)
  Asheville, NC
     Asheville KOA East
     Biltmore Estate
     Chimney Rock
  Craggy Gardens
  Crabtree Meadows CG

Page 3 (MPs 316-304)
  Linville Falls CG
  Grandfather CG
  Grandfather Mountain

  Linn Cove Viaduct

Page 4 (MPs 297-294)
  Julian Price CG
  Moses Cone Park

Page 5 (MP 292 exit)
  KOA Boone
  Village of Blowing Rock
  Blowing Rock Attraction
  Mast General Store

Page 6 (MPs 291-190)
  West Jefferson
  Church of the Frescoes
  Virginia Creeper Trail

Page 7 (MPs 217-176)
  Puckett Cabin
  Meadows of Dan CG
  Mabry Mill
  Mayberry Campground
  Mount Airy
  Pilot Mt. State Park

Page 8 (MPs 169-61)
  Rocky Knob CG
  Roanoke Mountain CG
  Virginia's Explore Park
  Peaks of Otter CG
  Otter Creek CG

Page 9 (MP 62)
  KOA Natural Bridge
  Jellystone Natural Bridge
  Natural Bridge

Page 10 (MPs 45-0)
  Chimney Rock
  20 Minute Cliff
  Humpback Rocks

  Shenandoah NP
(MP 0!)

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Below are places we saw along the way with links to separate pages, if applicable.
Mile-post Attraction
390 Beautiful Asheville, NC
This was a convenient home base while exploring Asheville area attractions during June 18-23. See separate page linked above for pics and more info.
See Malia's Miles page for my visit here.
Don't miss this great estate!
See Malia's Miles page for my visit here.
I was intrigued from the time I first saw this picture. I knew I just had to see and feel for myself what it's like up there! Check out my pics at the link above for the exhilarating hike I took.
Lane Pinnacle
There are so many pulloffs with so many amazing views. I just thought it extra appropriate to take my picture at Lane Pinnacle.
Craggy Gardens Visitors Center
Craggy Gardens Visitors Center

This was one of the stops I was most looking forward to after hearing of the purple rhododendron covered slopes from mid to late June. I based my departure date on this, but nature didn't cooperate this year due to a late freeze. Oh was a pretty stop anyway. There were a few colorful bushes and at least the Mountain Laurel was still showing off in style.

Coming north, you'll come across a sign to Craggy Gardens Picnic Area a couple of miles before the Visitors Center. It's about a mile long road and is pretty tight with one hairpin curve thrown in for good measure. The parking lot at the end is just large enough to park and turn around in. I think next time I'll skip the Picnic Area.

Mountain Laurel
Crabtree Meadows Campground
June 24-25, 2007
  After leaving KOA Asheville East, we only went 53 miles before our next stop at Crabtree Meadows Campground. There are just so many pulloffs to stop and gawk at and it's ridiculous to try to rush through this little slice of heaven.
Me on the right in site #20
Like at Mt. Pisgah, most of the 22 RV sites are parallel to the road through the campground. I don't particularly like that layout, but it was much more quiet than I thought it would be. That's my motorhome on the right in site #20 (A loop).
Note: I could have turned around and come in the other way so my door would have faced out the right way, but I thought I'd only be here one night and didn't care at that point. I wound up staying two nights because I wanted to do the trail to the falls (see below).
Our across-the-street neighbors, Bob & Gerry from Spruce Pine, NC are in site #21. We enjoyed meeting them and they were so nice about sharing tips about local stuff to do and see. Gypsy made a friend here, too, with their cute little 3 month old puppy, Grecko.

You'll also find a really nice, friendly camp host here. James Cannon has been on the parkway for 30 years and says this campground is his favorite. It's not only pretty, but quiet and peaceful and he thinks it's a shame that a lot of people pass this one by in favor of Linville Falls. This was a fortunate stop for me for another reason. This was the first dry camping stay of the trip and when I turned on my generator, it sounded fine - except it didn't generate electricity inside the RV. James' son (James III) was visiting from Mississippi and he kindly came over and found the problem - a simple flip of the breaker at the generator and all was well again.

One thing I was a bit surprised at - while I knew all the national park campgrounds along the parkway had no electric or hookups, I guess I had never thought they didn't have water at the sites, either. I had carried enough in the tank to get me by for the 2 nights I was here, and there are centrally located water faucets, but you'd need extra long hoses to get water from them into the RV, so keep that in mind.
The trail leading from the campground to Crabtree Falls is another good reason to stay here. This beauty is a just reward for a mile hike to get to the base. Getting down to it is certainly well worth it, so I recommend you stay a while and savor the sights and sounds, because going back up is a huffer & a puffer!
For more pics and a short movie of Crabtree Falls, see Malia's RV page.
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