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Rocky Knob, Roanoke Mt., Peaks of Otter, Otter Creek CGs

Mileposts 169 - 61

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Smokemont Campground
  Waterrock Knob
  Mount Pisgah CG

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  Asheville, NC
     Asheville KOA East
     Biltmore Estate
     Chimney Rock
  Craggy Gardens
  Crabtree Meadows CG

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  Linville Falls CG
  Grandfather CG
  Grandfather Mountain

  Linn Cove Viaduct

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  Julian Price CG
  Moses Cone Park

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  KOA Boone
  Village of Blowing Rock
  Blowing Rock Attraction
  Mast General Store

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  West Jefferson
  Church of the Frescoes
  Virginia Creeper Trail

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  Puckett Cabin
  Meadows of Dan CG
  Mabry Mill
  Mayberry Campground
  Mount Airy
  Pilot Mt. State Park

Page 8 (MPs 169-61)
  Rocky Knob CG
  Roanoke Mountain CG
  Virginia's Explore Park
  Peaks of Otter CG
  Otter Creek CG

Page 9 (MP 62)
  KOA Natural Bridge
  Jellystone Natural Bridge
  Natural Bridge

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  Chimney Rock
  20 Minute Cliff
  Humpback Rocks

  Shenandoah NP
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Below are places we saw along the way with links to separate pages, if applicable.
Mile-post Attraction
Rocky Knob Campground (540) 745-9660
On the way north while traveling with mom, we stopped here just to check out the campground. I met Roger Smith, a camp host here and fellow Open Roads forum poster. He was so nice I really wanted to visit more, but it was just way too early in the day for a stop at that point. But I made it a point to stay on the way back south in October.
Even though all sites are close to the road, this pull-through (T18) would have been perfect if it wasn't right next to the bathhouse with its bright light shining in my bedroom window.
I was told by one of the other RVers here (Wayne), that one of the best things this campground has going for it are the camp hosts, Roger and Linda. They live only 55 miles away and have been camping here since the 70's and camp hosting for 3 years now. Roger is the epitomy of a camp host who will go out of his way to help out a fellow camper. Wayne told me about how Roger went out at 2:00 in the morning to look for a hiker who hadn't returned. And he's famous for saying "This ain't no WalMart parking lot" and kindly asking people to slow down through the campground and keep it quiet at night so other campers aren't disturbed.
Really getting into the Halloween spirit, they added a "G" to their camphost sign...
and on the other side of their camper, had a graveyard of headstones with people's names from surrounding areas, like Fancy Gap, Linn Cove, Rocky Knob, Julian Price, and Dan Meadow. What a treat these guys are - I really enjoyed meeting them!
Something that was amusing but a bit "scary" was the chestnuts dropping like Kamikazis divebombing the ground. I felt like I should wear a helmet when going outside. The coverings of those suckers are really big, like tennis balls with stickers, and they make a loud thump when they hit the RV or the ground.
The campground has 4 loops: Loop T is designated for RVs only (28 sites). A&B have the smallest sites and are mostly for tents. Loop C can fit some RVs, but they don't allow generator use there at all.
Roanoke Mountain Campground (540) 767-2492
On the way north in mid July, I spent two nights here in site #77 in Loop B (30 sites) for RVs. I was able to get Verizon cell phone and air card internet access here, but no Direct TV satellite reception. Most sites are heavily wooded, but there are a few by the dump station that are out in the open.

It was way too hot then to want to be out in the open, though. Temps in the 90's and having to use the generator for A/C coolness during the day made two nights here plenty enough. Other than that, though, I enjoyed this campground and the firefly show each night. A very nice campground host, Dexter Sells, has been coming here for 7 years and says it's one of the least used on the parkway - maybe because you have to take a spur road for a mile off the parkway to get there. But it's a good road and convenient to Roanoke and Virginia's Explore Park, which we visited from here. There are also several hiking trails, some along the Roanoke River, that looked inviting, but it was too hot for that, too.

When heading south in October, this ended up being a good stopping point for me again and the weather was certainly nicer. I opted for a pull-through site that time since I was only staying one night and didn't want to unhitch, but those are so close to the road I couldn't extend my living room slide without it encroaching on the road. No big deal this time, but couldn't have done that when mom was with me since the slide needs to be extended for the hide-a-bed. Not too many sites level enough for an RV my size, either. Still, I was grateful for the quick and convenient short stop on the Parkway both times.
I really enjoyed my visit here! Virginia’s Explore Park (separate page)

1100-acre outdoor living history museum and recreation park offering visitors opportunities for leisure, learning and fun. Costumed interpreters teach visitors about life in western Virginia from the pre-contact Native American.

Peaks of Otter Campground  
Here's me coming down the road between two pull throughs - I never did see any site numbers, so can't give you that info.
On the way north, I was trying to decide whether to stay here or go up the road a bit more to Otter Creek. But even though it's higher in elevation than Otter Creek and therefore cooler, it was still too hot for me. And since neither my cell phone nor air card worked here, I pressed on to see what it was like at Otter Creek. On the return trip south, after getting my Smooth Talker signal booster, I stopped again to see if I could get Verizon service here, but while I was able to connect in many places along the parkway with it that I couldn't on the way north (like right up the road at the visitor's center) I still had no luck here so didn't stay. It was nice to meet Dianne's husband, Lawrence, though, after I had met Dianne at Otter Creek Campground below.
Otter Creek Campground (434) 299-5941
This is site #48 in Loop A, the only one designated for RVs with no tents allowed in this loop. The camper here told me he checked out a lot of sites before deciding this was the most level and largest pull through.
Loop B and C are designated for tenters, but Dianne showed me a couple of sites in B that could accommodate a motorhome my size. However, permission must be obtained from ranger first, and no generator use is allowed in tent loops. Although the campground looked pretty nice with some sites along Otter Creek, with temps in the high 90s, I decided to skip this as an overnight stop, too. The clincher was no cell phone or internet access here either.
Dianne at Otter Creek
I was determined to make a brief stop, though, if only to finally get to meet Dianne, another Open Roads poster who was working here. It's always such a joy to meet another camper in person that you've only known online through their posts on the forum.
There was not enough room to park the RV in the restaurant adjacent to the campground, so she kindly let me park in the unused host site and then drove us over to the restaurant. Further proof that RVers are some of the nicest folks ever!
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