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Smokemont Campground
  Waterrock Knob
  Mount Pisgah CG

Page 2 (MPs 390-340)
  Asheville, NC
     Asheville KOA East
     Biltmore Estate
     Chimney Rock
  Craggy Gardens
  Crabtree Meadows CG

Page 3 (MPs 316-304)
  Linville Falls CG
  Grandfather CG
  Grandfather Mountain

  Linn Cove Viaduct

Page 4 (MPs 297-294)
  Julian Price CG
  Moses Cone Park

Page 5 (MP 292 exit)
  KOA Boone
  Village of Blowing Rock
  Blowing Rock Attraction
  Mast General Store

Page 6 (MPs 291-190)
  West Jefferson
  Church of the Frescoes
  Virginia Creeper Trail

Page 7 (MPs 217-176)
  Puckett Cabin
  Meadows of Dan CG
  Mabry Mill
  Mayberry Campground
  Mount Airy
  Pilot Mt. State Park

Page 8 (MPs 169-61)
  Rocky Knob CG
  Roanoke Mountain CG
  Virginia's Explore Park
  Peaks of Otter CG
  Otter Creek CG

Page 9 (MP 62)
  KOA Natural Bridge
  Jellystone Natural Bridge
  Natural Bridge

Page 10 (MPs 45-0)
  Chimney Rock
  20 Minute Cliff
  Humpback Rocks

  Shenandoah NP
(MP 0!)

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The first glimpse I had of the Blue Ridge Parkway was during my first year of fulltiming in 2001. We took a couple of days away from Charleston to visit the Biltmore Estate over the Christmas holidays. During that time, we drove just a tiny bit of the parkway and I remember being absolutely amazed that the distant mountain ranges really did look blue! I was a total newbie at seeing mountains then and I've seen many more since. But I said then that before I quit RVing that I would drive the entire length of that parkway, taking my time and really savoring every single mile. It took me 6 years to get back, but I intend to follow through with that plan and drive the entire length of the scenic parkway that runs 469 miles between two national parks. I'll start off at Great Smoky Mountains in North Carolina and take my time getting to Shenandoah in Virginia. Since the parkway is outlined in mileposts, that's how I'll present the info in this site. The numbers start at zero south of Shenandoah National Park heading south. Since I'm heading north, mine will begin at the highest mileposts and will follow as closely as I can to let you know everything I see along the way and places I stay.
Here I am in December, 2001 -- younger, less experienced and in awe of what I was blessed to see. I may be better traveled now, but I'm still just as eager to explore today even with the many more aching joints that I now have!
Mountain Lake
I have a much better digital camera now so hope to get much better pics of scenes like this blue mountain lake.

This is what I wrote in my journal about that day:

December 18, 2001 - Blue Ridge Day

Going down the Blue Ridge Parkway at first I was whining because I thought it would be so much better if it were spring when the trees were budding or summer when the trees were full or fall when the trees were colored - anytime other than winter time when they were bare. But then I shut up and began to appreciate what was before me at the time it was there. The trees being stripped of leaves afforded a view through the branches of the far distant mountains and waterfalls that popped up that would not have been visible were they full of leaves. The shadows that the twisted branches cast on the trunks of other trees lent visual interest at every turn. Since we just got a good rain yesterday, the huge rock formations shimmered with thousands of little waterfalls alongside the road.

We drove underneath clouds, then through them, then on top of them. At the highest peak we reached, the trees were covered with ice making crystal sculptures of every twisted, naked branch and icicles dripped off the myriad of tunnels as we drove right through the mountains.

We hiked and huffed up to Linville Falls and down through the sweet smelling pine forest. All in all a perfectly great day! We didn't get to go visit Grandfather Mountain, though, and I was pretty disappointed about that. When we got to the visitor's center, we were informed that with temps in the 20's and 50 mph winds on the mile-high suspension bridge, it was not a good idea. Oh well, another reason to come back to visit this gorgeous area during another season.

So I went back in June 2007 -- here's a link to my planned itinerary. Click arrow below for the beginning of this fantastic trip along "America's Favorite Drive."

Click here for my "Red White & Blue Route" article published in MotorHome Magazine in the November 2009 issue.

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Check out Goodyear RV tires With my motorhome being 7 years old, I knew I was overdue for new tires and that I wouldn't feel safe on the mountainous roads of the Parkway without replacing them. I had been extremely satisfied with my Goodyear RV tires and had another set installed at a Wingfoot commercial tire location near Savannah. It's also nice to know that Wingfoot has emergency service outlets across the country on call 24 hours so I'll never be stranded without help. Be sure to check out Goodyear's informative pdf brochure entitled "Recreational Vehicle Tire and Care Guide" for info to help prevent tire troubles in the first place.
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