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Needles - site map small

Site map – click for full size

100 Marina Drive
Needles, CA  92363

Website  ♦  Rates 

156 total RV sites

30/50 amp full hookups
(some sites 30 amp only)

6 cabins (sleeping only)

Note: I’ve been getting emails that their rates page I linked above is down and I understand they’re working on a new website, so just give them a call at the number above or email at

Needles - Registration

Here are a few of the smiling faces you may see when you check in. Rick, the owner, is in the back. I’ve consistently noticed that when a park is managed by an involved owner who takes pride in the facility, it makes a huge difference in the way a guest is treated and the overall quality of the stay. Shelly (in the middle) is the Office Manager. She’s been here about 11 years and says it’s the love and familiarity of the customers who return year after year that keeps her here. Brittney (on left) is the newest addition, and Roxanna (on right) has been here about a year.  Be prepared to be greeted like family when you walk in this door!

Needles Sites - 1

Here are scenes as you drive through the park.  After entering through kiosk at front, the sites on the right are all pull-throughs and are the easiest accessible for shorter stays. But I talked to a couple who were here for the winter and they said they liked this area since it’s closest to the Rivers Edge Golf Course right across the road.

Site Map: Seen here are first row (Sites 1-36) and row in front of it directly face the marina (Sites 38-64).  Note: there are no odd number sites on the map since they were removed to provide more room around the other sites.

Needles - front 2 rows

Street scene between the rows.

Needles - circle sites

When I was first walking around checking out the park, I met these folks in the circle part  (Sites 66-112). This group now meets here regularly, some coming in from as far as Canada, and this section gives them room for large campfire in the middle. I thought it was cool how this area of the park was perfect for a large get together and allowed circling up like the old west wagon trains!

One of the things I’ve always appreciated about RVing is how friendly the people are.  A few days later, I wound up going on one of the greatest outings I’ve ever been on with some of this group and the park owner, Rick.  The historical Tyro Mine (an old abandoned gold mine) is in nearby Bullhead City – see blog post about that great day.  If you have or can rent a Jeep or 4 wheel drive vehicle, I highly recommend this outing!

Needles - circle 71-74

Here’s a view of the outer sites within the circle looking at Site 71 on the far right.

The numbering system on the Site Map was a little confusing to me since not in direct order, but after going around or bypassing this circle, the road leads you on:


Looking at Site 137 on the left.  Of course, the office will provide you with a highlighted map to help you locate your site, but they said if you would like an escort to guide you in, just ask at check-in.

Needles - site 141

Site 141 (the empty site) shows some of the covered picnic tables.  All sites have tables, but not all are covered.

Needles - site 166 road

A little further up that same road, but coming back the other direction, the post for Site 166 is on the left.

Needles - site 166

Site 166 is an example of a back-in on the lagoon.  The other side of the RV is on the road.

Needles - site 174 row

Street scene with Site 174 on the right.

Cheryl - site 131

My friend Cheryl was the one who convinced me to head this way when she told me about the weather and she liked the park and especially the people well enough to stay over a month.  She was in Site 131 and I actually found this area the most confusing as to how the sites are arranged (see Site Map). She said she circled around to get into it at first, but she thought this side was better protected from the wind when it comes up than the sites right on the river.  This area would be good for those wanting their doors to face each other and a lot of groups traveling together request this area.

Needles - riverfront sites entry

And  moving on to the riverfront sites now… which are usually the most requested regardless.  I must admit I always prefer waterfront property whenever I can get it. 

Needles - Dan&Nancy

I met Dan & Nancy in Site 176, frequent campers from Alaska.  They’ve been coming here for 10 years now and this is their favorite site, although they did agree that when the winds were gusty, it really blows the sand around.  They also said the winds were more frequent this year than usual.  Cross that bridge and you’re in Arizona where you lose an hour during daylight savings time in California.

Needles - riverview sites toward front

Looking the other way, toward the front of the park.

Needles - side sites to river

Looking down a side street from the riverfront sites road.

Needles - cabin area

Now entering the back part of the park with both cabins and RV sites.  On Site Map, Cabins 1-6 and RV sites 188-194.

Needles - Site 188

Here I am in Site 188 and I really liked this site a lot with numerous great trees.  Since neither cabin beside me was rented during my time here, I had lots of privacy.

Needles - view from site 188

And I really, really liked having this nice view to look at through my huge motorhome windshield.


two-centsMalia’s 2 Cents:  I really enjoyed my time here. As I frequently say, if owners and managers understood how important it is to a traveler how they are treated from the time they either call to get information or make a reservation, to how they are greeted when they arrive at the park, and how important that first initial connection is – I think they’d be a lot more friendly and accommodating in every encounter, no matter how small.  All of my dealings with Shelly, the Office Manager, were always positive and she  seemed to be willing to go that extra mile to make you feel welcome and for your stay to be enjoyable.

Needles - Rick & Shelly

Shelly (Office Manager) and Rick (Owner)

Rick’s love for this park comes through with the way he makes sure it is meticulously maintained and kept clean.  I heard that comment again and again from the other campers I talked to about why they keep returning year after year.  It’s like he’s on a mission to keep the dream that his parents had alive when they bought the property in 1976.  Even though their original goal was to buy a resort in Lake Shasta, when this one came up, they fell in love with the area and couldn’t resist.  They ran it until about 20 years ago when they retired and Rick took over.

Shelly appreciates the family feel Rick has maintained here that extends to the staff as well.  She said they really care about all the employees and I believe that happy employees work harder to make their guests happy.  I truly enjoyed visiting with these folks during my stay!


Malia’s Notes:  Transparency:  As stated openly on the Home page, I do barter for review space on my website. It’s one of the ways that help support my travel habit and keeps this site free to readers. But my reviews are my honest opinion, can never be bought at any price and if I wasn’t satisfied, I would also state that.  That’s one of the reasons I interview other campers and do Pros and Cons on every campground I review, whether it’s bartered or not, so it’s not simply my opinion.  Rick and Shelly were really cooperative and interested in all feedback, which is another mark of good management in my opinion.

Malia’s Tips:  Get gas across the river in Arizona – a LOT less expensive than in Needles.  Grocery shopping in nearby Bullhead City (about 18 miles), with Super WalMart, Safeway, Smith’s.  I still found groceries here more expensive than I did in Las Vegas, so I’d stock up more before I got here.

The main thing that drove me crazy here is the time difference between CA (during daylight savings time) and AZ.  And Nevada is also very close, so sometimes trying to meet people in different places became a game of what time zone applies.

And if you need your RV washed while here, I recommend River Sun Pressure Washing. They come to your site and do a great job at a reasonable price.  See my write-up here.

My Splendide washer/dryer and my Norcold refrigerator went out again while I was here, and I heard about Mohave RV Repair in nearby Fort Mohave, AZ.  However, that didn’t turn out too well in the end, and I can’t recommend them at all, so I hope to save someone else from the same negative experience.

Your Two Cents?  The only way I know if the reviews and research I present are helpful to you is if I hear from you.  I and your fellow campers sure would appreciate your feedback in Comments below.


Pet Friendly: See Rates for more info). Two designated pet areas (one fenced); owners must clean up after pets. All dogs must be kept on leash.

kid-campfireKid Friendly: Yes at the RV park – only the mobile home section is 55+ only.  Kids are allowed at the swim beach, but there are no lifeguards.  No playground equipment or other activities for kids.  Kids are allowed in pool, but not Jacuzzi.

satellite TV:  The sites all have open exposure, so I had no problem getting DirecTV from my rooftop dish.  There is no cable at the park; about 7 local channels via regular antennae.


Internet/Wi-Fi/Cell Phone: My Verizon Jetpack and cell phone worked great.  The park’s free wi-fi is only accessible at the recreation room or the nearby office and does not reach the sites.  There is an outside service that will provide wi-fi to your site, but only on a monthly basis.


Readers have asked for short recaps of pros and cons about the parks I visit. I realize this is subjective stuff and what bothers some people, others won’t have a problem with, and vice versa. As a fulltime RVer, I like things that weekend campers can do without. But, based on my own observations and/or comments from others, here goes:

button-pro  Pros:

Colorado River access for boating, fishing, swimming.  Location – close to the historic “living ghost town” of Oatman.  Close to Laughlin and Bullhead City for casinos and shopping.  Across the street from Rivers Edge Golf Course.

button-con  Cons:

The most frequent con I heard from people staying here was how windy it got at times, but they all said that this year (due in part to El Nino), the winds were stronger and more frequent than usual.

Others said they didn’t like the add-on charges for extra people and pets and that wi-fi wasn’t available at the sites, and no cable TV.  (Add-on charges are only in the summer – not winter, and wi-fi is available at the sites for a charge by an outside company on a monthly basis.)  The park is in the process of clarifying their rates, so call for more info.

The water is very hard here.  I think if I were here for an extended say, I’d look into a water softener system.  I have a regular inline filter from the hose and one on the inside for drinking water, and I use a Brita filter after that, so I didn’t really have a problem with the taste. But I had to dry my dishes and stainless steel sink immediately after washing or the spots became scaly.


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