Death Valley Desert in Bloom

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January 27, 2016:  I am so thankful to the ranger at the Furnace Creek Visitor Center who told me I should drive out Badwater Road to Ashford Mill Ruins to see the wildflowers. Apparently an El Nino year with more rainfall than usual caused the flowers to pop up earlier in the year.  They were saying that the flowers were already starting to look stressed and needing more rain by this time, but they sure were blooming happily that day!

Death Valley - road in bloom

I had always thought all desert environments were bleak and barren.  So it was almost surreal for me to see Death Valley in bloom!

Death Valley Flowers - Desert Gold

It’s no wonder these flowers are named Desert Gold!

Death Valley Flowers - 1

The sheer magnitude of blankets of these covering the dusty ground was overwhelming.  No way can a picture capture the glory of it all, but I took hundreds of pictures trying to anyway.

Death Valley Flowers - 2

The brilliant yellow contrasting the colorful mountains in the background was truly an amazing sight to see.

Death Valley Flowers - 3

I walked out among the blooms, being careful with my steps so as not to crush them.

Ashford Mill blooms - 1

Ashford Mill Ruins

Info sign:  In 1914, gold ore from the Golden Treasure Mine, 5 miles to the east, was processed here for shipment to a smelter.  Legend has it that the Ashford brothers sold the mine for $50,000 to a Hungarian Count, who later sold it to B.W. McCausland for $105,000.

Ashford Mill blooms - 2

The hills are alive….

Ashford Mill blooms - 3

…with the vibrant wildflowers!

Ashford Mill Ruins inside

New, joyful life blooming among decaying ruins with enduring mountains in the background – what a wonderful world we live in!

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  • Julius Hayden

    Thank you so much for these images. I especially needed them this deep into winter. They help me anticipate spring here in north Georgia.

    • I’m glad you liked them, too, so thanks for letting me know. I couldn’t believe anything could be as beautiful as the seemingly stark desert in bloom – I feel so incredibly lucky to have seen it, especially since I’m hearing it’s happening earlier than usual this year.

      • Julius Hayden

        timing is everything plus being alert enough to take pictures ;^)

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