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It seemed like the most novel idea in the world when I first heard of the concept of fulltime RVing in 2001.  (See my first website, “Inspiration’s Journey” for the full story.)  It hit me like a lightening bolt when I realized that this was the best way I could fulfill my dreams of travel. I certainly was in no position to retire, and two weeks off every year, enduring long airplane trips and hotel rooms for all-too-short vacations did not give me the time or comfort I had in mind.

When I realized that if I bought a house on wheels, I could just drive it around and find work as I traveled, my eyes were opened to all sorts of possibilities.  I became a research junkie and haunted every internet site I could find on the subject.  In the years since I took off, I am amazed at how many more resources there are on the subject and how many people are enjoying this unique lifestyle.

From the beginning, I was able to benefit from the experience of others who had been-there-done-that and have learned a lot “the hard way” along the way. As with any major change in lifestyle, it can seem intimidating and hard to know how to get started.

So here I’ll start with the resources I found and will add to this section as I find more. Of course, if you have any to share, or questions to ask, please add to Comments below.

Miscellaneous Resources Related to Full-Time RVing:

Escapees RV Club This club has been around since 1978 and I joined them when I first started fulltiming in 2001.  After a few years, I let my membership lapse since I really wasn’t using any of the services. In 2015, I rejoined and started using their mail forwarding service and have been really pleased with how simple they make things.  They also have member parks around the country.  Check out all the Club Benefits.
RV Driving School I hear about so many fears, especially from women, having to do with learning to drive something much larger than they’ve been used to.  Here you can find driving lessons and safety seminars at permanent and temporary locations as well as seminars and rallies.
A Full-Timer’s Perspective on Fuel Costs One of the first objections naysayers have about a full time RVing lifestyle is fuel costs, and how they’ll make our lifestyle financially unsustainable.  Even while getting 6.6 mpg on their rolling home, Technomadia gives reasons why they don’t freak out when fuel costs rise.
Choosing an RV This is the first big question when anyone begins thinking of RVing, fulltime or not.  Mac and Chris McClellan were fulltimers from 2004-2013 and put together this info on the eternal debate concerning RV type, gas/diesel, new/used, extended warranty or not, etc.
Mobile Internet Options for RVing – Resource Center Another big consideration for RVers in this technology age is how to stay connected via internet and phone.  Here Technomadia provides results of their extensive research, including comparing carriers, coverage, bandwidth and more.
Resources from Becky Schade It was great to meet Becky when I was in Yellowstone in 2015.  Besides being a totally cool person, she shares a lot of great info:  “Interstellar Orchard isn’t just a collection of personal travel journals, it’s a compendium of informational articles designed to help you get on the road as a full-time RVer and live a more fulfilling life. Listed below are the most useful and popular posts I’ve written over the years. Read what resonates with you and craft your outline for freedom.”
RV Slide Out Guide Another basic question that always comes up in the purchase of an RV is whether or not to get one with a slide(s).  Here is a list of considerations, pros and cons and necessary maintenance.
Gift Giving Guide for Full-Time RVers Giving gifts to full time RVers can be a tricky endeavor because we have so little space to store things and weight is always a consideration.  Technomadia shares some hints sure to be on an RVer’s wish list.
RVer Health Insurance Howard & Linda Payne have put together this site where you can educate yourself on unique considerations for RVers when shopping for health insurance.  Research state-specific information useful in choosing a state to domicile in, get help in understanding Medicare and/or health insurance,  and get health insurance quotes from an insurance agent with 13 years of experience as a full-time RVer.  Information on RVer specific info on the Affordable Care Act here.
Ultimate Guide for RVing Resources (TripBuzz) Subjects include How to Choose an RV, RVing Laws and Regulations, Etiquette etc.



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