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Whether they’re experienced vets or wanna-be’s, there’s a lot to learn from the postings and discussions of other RVers.  I haunted these type of forums while doing my extensive research and dreaming of the day I could join their ranks.  Do a search for “fulltime RVing” but if you ever read it all, you’d never get on the road!



RV.net Open Roads Forum Many RV related organizations like MotorHome and Trailer Life magazines and clubs like Good Sam use this forum.
RV-Dreams Forum Howard and Linda Payne have been fulltiming since 2005 and host this forum for readers to share experience and tips from buying to maintaining your rolling home.
Escapees Club Forum One of the largest clubs geared toward fulltimers. On their forum, besides many general RVing subjects, there’s a large category for “Graduating to Fulltime” for those planning on entering this lifestyle – either now or way off in the future.
iRV2 An active community of RV enthusiasts with a separate board specializing in fulltiming.
RVForum.net Anyone with an RV or an interest in RVing welcome here.

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