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It’s always fun and enlightening to benefit from the experience of those who paved the way.  Here are some websites from folks who are living the fulltime RVing lifestyle and live to write about it.  If there are any others you think should be included here, let me know in Comments below.

Coulson Castle on Wheels Susan and I have a lot in common and enjoy keeping in touch. I also enjoy her and her husband’s story and website of “a Canadian couple who bucked the system and didn’t wait to retire to become fulltimers in order to see other parts of this great continent.”
Frugal RV Travel To celebrate becoming an empty-nester and the arrival of a new millenium, in 1999 Marianne and Randy quit their jobs, put everything in storage and just took off to points unknown.
Geeks on Tour Chris and Jim Guld love travel and computers and wanted to build their careers around both. After many “are-we-crazy moments” they sold their home, bought an RV, packed up the computers and took to the road in 2003. Since then, they have criss-crossed the United States leading seminars at RV Rallies and helping RVers and RV parks with their computer needs.
George and The Tioga Team George began his vagabond ways in 2003 on the very day he was declared cancer-free.  A very inspiring character. I particularly appreciate his “creed” – “I don’t run away from my dreams, because of my fear of what “might” happen. I have faith that, no matter what fate brings me, I shall overcome.”
Gone With the Wynns Jason and Nikki Wynn are perpetual travelers who share discoveries and adventures from a “quirky couple who traded in everyday life to satisfy their wear-out-your-shoes sense of adventure. They traded in the fulltime RV lifestyle for fulltime life on a boat now, but they compiled a wealth of informational articles and videos for RVers.
Gypsy Journal An RV Travel Newspaper produced by fulltimers exploring the highways and back roads of America. Nick Russell’s stories and photos always provide entertainment and useful info. Even though Nick has settled now, the massive amount of information he put together in his many years of travel are invaluable.
HitchItch Here’s a place where you can meet lots of your wandering neighbors. Ron & Terry provide loads of links to their own and other interesting travel blogs.
Laura & Sasha’s Excellent Adventure A Frugal RVing Lifestyle Blog for people of any age wanting to quit the rat race and see the country in an RV. They sold their house and everything in it and moved into an RV; they follow voluntary simplicity and find happiness in simple pleasures.
Live, Work, Dream Jim and Rene “escaped the rat race” and began fulltime RVing in 2007 after selling their business, home and most of their possessions.  “Road tripping” got in their blood and they’re still at it, sharing their adventures with others who dream of embarking upon a similar adventure.
Living the RV Dream John and Kathy Huggins started fulltiming in 2005 and they have created an extensive website and RV community to celebrate all aspects of the RV lifestyle.  You could spend days reading the material they’ve compiled or attend one of their rallies for fun and education combined.
MaliasRV.com “Inspiration’s Journey” was the first website I did when I started fulltime RVing in 2001.  It answers the question of how I even thought of such a ‘crazy’ dream and how I made it happen.
Outside Our Bubble David and Brenda started fulltiming in 2013 and work online.  They sold what sounds like a massively gorgeous house, with the philosophy that they could always buy another house but may not always be able to travel.
RV-Dreams Howard and Linda Payne have been fulltiming since 2005 and their website is just chock full of valuable information about the lifestyle. They share details of how they made their dream happen and what they learned along the way. They open their financial information, budget, expenses and much more. Also check out the educational rallies they hold.
RV Lifestyle Experts A wealth of information from Jaimie Hall Bruzenak can be found on this site where full-time RVers and wannabes share their dreams and knowledge.
Technomadia Cherie Ve Ard & Chris Dunphy have been fulltiming in their “geeked out vintage bus conversion” since 2006. They share tons of info on technology, working on the road and what life is like while fulltiming.
RVLucky or What Mitch and Val have been fulltiming since 2014.  Their mission is to visit friends and family, visit National Parks, tag states they’ve never been to, and decide where they want to live next.
RV Travelog After raising 6 children, Bob & Laura Madigan hit the road in 1997 and write about their travels in the great ol’ USA, Mexico and Canada.
The Princess and The Cowboy Ron & Sharon gave up their corporate jobs and began fulltiming in June 2005. They spend summers in Ontario with family and friends and winters in the southwestern states.
WatsonsWander Since 2012 this couple has traveled the U.S. while living and working from their renovated 25-foot Airstream. They share lots of neat tips and articles on the RV lifestyle.
Welcome to Fulltime RVing Since becoming full timers, Don & Sharon have met and learned from countless others from all backgrounds who are now enjoying life in an RV. In this comprehensive site, they share what makes RV fulltiming so much fun. Discover fulltime RVing essentials that help you enjoy the RV lifestyle: information on RV rentals, manufactures, clubs, work camper jobs, parts or repair, and RV nightmares.
We’re the Russos Joe and Kait Russo quit their jobs in 2015 and decided to live their dream to travel and work for themselves.  I really liked the quote they used to help justify the move: “We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.”
Wheeling It In 2010 Paul & Nina quit their day jobs, packed their lives away and moved into a 40-foot tin-can home to follow their dream of living an alternative life and exploring the US on wheels. Their goal is to share that story and hopefully enable and inspire others who dream of this lifestyle to go out and try it.
Where’s Eldo? A journal about what it’s like to be full time RVers for friends, family, and curiosity seekers. Jeannie and Eldy have been on the road since 2010 and say they haven’t ever regretted their decision to become fulltimers.


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