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Miller - sign

2245 Callaway Road
Marietta, GA  30008
(770) 528-8875
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See Locations/Directions issues below for RV park location and access

My stay:  October, 2014

44 RV sites, all with 50 amp full hookups

When I was looking for a place to stay in order to see the Gone With the Wind Museum in Marietta, and possibly to get into Atlanta to explore around a bit, I saw in RVParkReviews that a reviewer said, “This park is the best kept secret in Atlanta.”  Other reviews talked about it being affordable for full hookups, but that the facilities were pretty basic and the restrooms not always open or clean.

Since I wasn’t looking at this as a destination park or long term stay and I am self-contained and when I have full hookups, always use my own bathroom and shower, this seemed like a great solution for me.  We RVers are always talking about sometimes needing a quick overnighter or two without the high dollar cost for resorty services not needed and this definitely fit the bill.

Miller - entrance

Entrance into RV park if entering from Gate 5.  Again, see Location/Directions Issues outlined below.

I talked to the park manager, George Davis, and he said they actually don’t try to promote the RV spaces to the general public because the intent was pretty much for use by vendors and participants at the various events held at the park (rodeos, State Fair, etc.).  Although they do accommodate RVers passing through on a regular basis, they don’t want to advertise it as a full service park since sometimes the bathroom and shower facilities are locked if there is no event going on.  Also, the water is shut off during the wintertime.

All in all, though, it’s worth a shot to call and find out if you can make this a stop when you’re passing through the area.  The current cost of $15/night for full hookups is hard to beat.

Miller - Site C23-1

I continued on down the drive and chose site C-23.  I liked the privacy afforded by no neighbors on one side.

Miller - Site C23-2

I also liked how it backed up to the lake that I could look out onto from my “office” window.

Note, though, that the water hookups here are shared between sites.  The electric and sewer hookups are on the normal side, but you have to run your fresh water hose underneath the RV to get to the hookup on the opposite side.  I think my water hose is about 20′, and this worked fine for me, but not much length to spare.

Miller - ride

Looking back up toward the front entrance from my site, you can see the motorhome in one of the first sites on the lake.  That roller coaster was not running during the few days I was here.

Miller - Site C30

This guy pulled in front ways to get a view of the lake in Site C-30.  This worked okay since there was nobody on either side, so he could hook up as convenient for him.

Miller - lake

Speaking of the lake, it’s not named anywhere that I could see.  I noticed this sign saying fishing, wading and boating are prohibited.  But every day I saw people fishing and one couple said they usually catch bream here.  George said it’s supposed to be catch and release.

Miller - restrooms

This shows the restroom facility up the hill a bit on the left.  The building farther down on the right is the showers and there are RV sites in a loop around it.  There is a dump in front of that building, also.

Miller - horses

I really loved it that the Cobb County Rodeo was happening the weekend I was here.  I had to laugh when I thought most RVers ask if a doggie fence is permitted, but here you can have horsey fences!


Readers have asked for short recaps of pros and cons about the parks I visit. I realize this is subjective stuff and what bothers some people, others won’t have a problem with, and vice versa. As a fulltime RVer, I like things that weekend campers can do without. But, based on my own observations and/or comments from others, here goes:

button-pro  Pros

button-con  Cons

Convenient from I-75 and about 20 miles from downtown Atlanta.

Most convenient to Marietta and nearby historic battlefields.

50 amp full hookups at a very reasonable price.

Since it’s not billed as a year round RV park, sometimes the bathrooms and showers are not cleaned or even open on an ongoing basis.  I would not have wanted to use the restrooms or showers here, but since I’m self-contained, that wasn’t an issue for me, especially since all sites have full hookups.
George said that major construction could be starting any time now on infrastructure improvements, including water, electric and sewer services.  There might be interruptions in service during this time, so best to call for conditions before coming. (770) 528-8875

Pet Friendly:  No extra charge for pets. Owners must clean up after them and all dogs must be on leash.

Satellite TV:  I had no trouble getting my rooftop DirecTV here.

Internet/Wi-Fi/Cell Phone: No wi-fi, but I had no problem with my Verizon Jetpack or my cell phone.  George says they’re in the process of starting to provide wi-fi service, but no projection as to completion date at this point.

Misc. Notes:  Water pressure is a bit high, so don’t forget to use your regulator.


Location/Directions Issues:

Miller - officeThe 2245 Callaway Road park address will take you into a large parking lot, but not one with access to the RV park.  You must go down Callaway a little further and then you’ll see the Gate 5 entrance.  The best street address to use for that is 2353 Callaway Road SW.  GPS coordinates: N 33º 53′ 51.0″ – W 084º 35’29.6″.  After you enter the gate, you’ll see the Park Office shown above ahead and on your right.  That’s where you check in.  But if no one is there, proceed down the road to your right, then turn to the left to get down to the lake and the RV sites and check in/pay later, or leave a check.

There is a Gate 1 entrance off of 1271 Al Bishop Drive (before turning onto Callaway Road) and that enters directly into the RV park.  However, from there the sites are situated the wrong way for backing into them so you’ll have to deal with turning around to face the other way, but usually that wouldn’t be a problem since George says the park is rarely completely full.


Best thing to do if you know you’re passing through is to call the office at 770-528-8875 to let them know and make arrangements for payment.  If you get there after hours and the gate is not locked, you can go to the Park Office in the morning to pay or leave a check.  ($15 per night)

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