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Savannah Area RV Parks
March, 2007

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My choice for my full hookup homebase for my first week of exploring Savannah was KOA Savannah South. Then I wanted to stay at Skidaway Island and Fort McAllister State Parks. Since I was staying in Savannah longer than a month, though, I wanted to see some of the other full service parks. Following is a little info on the ones I checked out, in the order of closest to downtown. I have more pics than I had room for here, but if anyone is interested in seeing more, I'd be glad to email them to you if you'll contact me at

Savannah Oaks RV Resort

(formerly Bellaire Woods Campground)

805 Fort Argyle Road
Savannah, GA 31419
912-748-4000 camper comments

This shows spots 34-37. Note that there are spaces directly behind these (32-28) with no space or road inbetween. At first I thought they were big pullthroughs and I'm not sure if the back row backs in so they're facing the road or pulls up to the rear of the RVs in front.

Sites #17 and 18 back up to the woods, which I think is much nicer.

See site map courtesy of Malia's Miles.

This looked like a pretty nice park to me when I first drove in. had many nasty tales about the dreadful old owners, but reviews of the new ones were much nicer. However, I didn't feel particularly wanted when I went in to inquire about a monthly stay at their park. I was told they didn't take reservations and they had to see the RV first - they don't allow RVs older than 10 years or those not in good shape. While I understand and appreciate their not wanting a bunch of junky neglected RVs there, and my motorhome would have qualified, the attitude and the way they put it just didn't set right with me. After driving around the park, I wasn't too impressed with the roads or layout, either. I thought it was just me until one of my neighbors said they had checked it out and felt the same way and also preferred the KOA in general. Later I noticed one of the reviews said they require reservations, so check it out first. In thinking about it later, I think they just don't allow reservations for monthly sites only.

Waterway RV Park

70 Hwy. 17 South
Richmond Hill, GA 31324

RV Park camper comments

The office was closed when I visited, but this park is listed in Trailer Life. It says they have pullthroughs, but I sure didn't notice any. It also looked pretty difficult to maneuver around in and as you can see, they're packed in pretty tight together. Update June 2010: I heard from a fellow RVer who stayed there a month, and this is what he had to say: "Yes we did stay at Waterway for a month and it was the worst camping trip we have ever had. The park was more or a trailer park (too many drunks) than a campground and the gnats were so bad you couldn't even sit outside. We would go off just to get away from them. I talked to the manager about the drunks but I don't think he cared....making money. We should have left but we wanted to see some dear friends that lived in Savannah. Will never stay there again.

Row of backins away from the water.

Rates listed in 2006 Trailer Life are $30 for previous year. Be sure to read the RV Park Reviews comments - doesn't look or sound like a good deal to me.

Whispering Pines RV Park

1755 Hodgeville Road
Rincon, GA 31326

RV Park camper comments

Website in the works - address will be

The row above shows the rigs backed up to the lake. Some of the more interior sites are better shaded, but most are pretty much out in the open.

The vacant site to the left is #28

See site map courtesy of Malia's Miles.

No bad vibes here at all - the girl I talked to was really nice and helpful. Basically, I just think it's not as convenient a location. I liked being closer to grocery shopping, etc. in Richmond Hill and more shade on my site in the summertime.
Greenpeace RV Park
115 Caroni Drive
Rincon, GA 31325
I saw their sign from I-95 when I exited for Whispering Pines, so I went ahead and checked it out. It was farther out in Rincon and after the exit, the signs weren't very good, but I called the office and found it. The guy was nice and said they do rent to overnighters at $15/night, but it's mainly working long-termers here.

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