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One of my favorite things about staying in state parks is taking walks along their nature trails. I think I especially enjoyed this one since I hadn't been able to do this sort of thing in a while.
I started out walking around the ruins of the sugar mill that operated on the Fontainebleau Plantation between 1828 and 1852. I always find these sort of historical sites fascinating and I enjoyed imagining what life must have been like here in its hey-day.
An entrance to the 3 nature trails is right across the road, so I started out to follow the signs to the Alligator Marsh Boardwalk. I just loved the quiet, peaceful feel of the mossy trees with only the sounds of the birds to accompany me.

Arriving at the Boardwalk, I didn't see any alligators, but did see a snake slithering through the marsh. I have no idea what it was, but saw signs warning about cottonmouths, so I was especially careful not to fall in!
I particularly got a kick out of this scene. As I was approaching this section, these ladies were all so intent on looking for birds through their binoculars, they were totally unaware of this heron looking like he was watching them as he was practically walking up to them!
Back on the trail, I finally came out near the Pavilion with an expansive view of Lake Pontchartrain and nice facilities for large picnics and get-togethers. There are glorious, massive, mossy trees scattered throughout this area and on the way back to the campground - some looked like gentile southern belles bowing with their spreading branches touching the ground.
After such a great walk, I was ready for some Louisiana fortification. I had been thrilled to see a suburban Cafe Du Monde only about 5 miles from the park when I was coming in on US 190. You just can't visit the New Orleans area and not get covered with powered sugar from eating beignets and getting jazzed up on cafe au lait!
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